Zoey Callahan
Portrayed by Annalise Basso
Name: Zoey Elizabeth Callahan
Birthday: January 23, 2005
Origin: Wizard
Role: Student
Affiliation: Walker Middle School
Title: 8th Grader
Resources: ●● Comfortable


A young girl with long, coppery-red hair and slight wide-set eyes of sea green. Standing at five feet tall, she is a rather skinny girl, lithe of frame and full of energy, flitting like a butterfly from one thing to the next.


Karen and Dave Callahan were not the happy couple they presented at barbecues. They met in Carlsbad, California while Dave was stationed at Camp Pendleton. After a few months of courtship, Dave was due to end his tour of duty and return home to Oregon to take a job as an engineer for a lumber mill. Karen agreed to give up her job as a software developer, a decision she felt somewhat pressured into, and go with him to Mythic Wood where they were married and soon expecting their first child, Finn.

Once the passion of a new romance faded, problems began to arise. Dave was raised with old-fashioned values that sometimes clashed with Karen's more progressive beliefs, and that gap only seemed to widen over time. Characteristics that each once found charmingly rugged or cute now grated on them. They were still very much in love, but love was never their issue. When Finn's magical abilities surfaced, it was the final straw that shattered Dave's sense of control over his life. He developed a drinking problem, and while he was never violent, it contributed to his tendency to withdraw when he was upset. During this time, Karen became despondently lonely, and she became involved with another man…a wizard.


Dave had his suspicions about his wife's infidelity. When their second child, Zoey, was born with vibrant red hair, it further cemented his doubts. Still, he saw how happy his wife was, and he did love the child and raised her as his own. Dave knew that the likelihood of a blig family having multiple wizard children was almost unheard of. So when Zoey began exhibiting magic at age 3, he hired a private investigator, and his suspicions were confirmed. Not only had Karen cheated on him when Zoey was conceived, but the affair had continued for those last three years as well. Dave filed for divorce, and won custody of both children in court.


Though her contact with Karen was limited, Zoey did take after her mother in at least one key way. She developed an early interest in computers. Karen encouraged this from afar, mainly with gifts intended to enable Zoey's interest in technology to grow. It proved an expensive hobby to support, as Zoey caused a few power surges and fried a few systems with her magic before she learned to control it. But at least it taught her the value of backing up her work.

By middle school, Zoey was firmly entrenched in the "nerd herd", and generally labeled a geek, a flag she flew proudly, and not just over computers. Ever since she was an infant, she loved movies, and was always especially attracted to the bold colors and exciting action of fantasy and science fiction films. That eventually led to her discovery of similar literature and comic books, and from there into pen-and-paper role-playing games, LARPs, and online role-playing (e.g. MU*ing). Through school and the Internet she found peers with similar interests. A few shared her passion for computers and coding, and they often collaborated on making simple video games and applications for their friends.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Geek Girl: Zoey's interests are stereotypical geekery: computers/programming, fantasy, sci-fi, comic books, animation (particularly Japanese anime), role-playing games, etc. She leans more toward science fiction than fantasy; being a wizard means that most fantasy just doesn't seem all that implausible.
  • Illegitimate: Dave Callahan is not Zoey's biological father. Her mother had an affair with a wizard, resulting in her conception. It is entirely possible that she has half-siblings out there.

Character Diamond

A character diamond represents the core, unchangeable traits of a character.

Zoey is an excitable, carefree creature. Rambunctious and impulsive, she lives by the mantra that "she who hesitates is lost".
Unsatisfied with reality, Zoey dives into the imaginary with obsessive gusto and curiosity. She channels her cleverness and creativity into flights of fantasy, and gravitates toward others than do the same.
Self-gratification is at the center of most of what Zoey does. She is the star of her own show, and she knows it.
Zoey thrives on interaction with others. She draws people to her with her sweetness and charm, and can be quite affectionate with those she gets close to.


Liam Liam
Big Brother
My big brother is awesome. He lets me hang out with him and his friends sometimes. He's overprotective, but that's okay. At least I know someone's always looking out for me.
Dave Callahan Dave Callahan
Karen Callahan Karen Callahan


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