Willard Hillman
Portrayed by David Morse
Name: Willard Hillman
Birthday: October 11, 1953
Origin: Muggle
Role: Other
Affiliation: Hillman Clan
Title: "Ambassador"
Resources: ● Poor


Grizzled, sunkissed weathered skin is not entirely clean by modern standards but neither is the man entirely unkempt. His pronounced brow and long face are set with a salt and pepper beard, cut neat and kept short to match the mustache. His hair strays to more white, long and held back at the crown from his face. Wrinkles abound across his face but do not detract from the obvious strength of his frame.

The leather vest is worn and the most telling piece upon his person as it has been mended several times. The grey heavier flannel button down underneath is gathered at his elbows, leaving his forearms free. A set of heavier cargo pants are more for function than style. The same can be said for the worn down hiking boots.


Though most of the Hillman clan lives in the deep hills east of town, one household is generally considered to mark the western border of their territory. Living in an old-fashioned log cabin in a family of Hillmans that have long been instrumental in maintaining what semblance of peace exists between Mythic Wood and their eastern neighbors.

Willard Hillman is one of the friendliest of the hill people that a townie is likely to meet. He and his sons are known to make regular visits to Mythic Wood to trade for supplies, and it is assumed he often does this on behalf of his less amiable kin. Willard and his boys come in peace, but armed; he knows better than to assume the goodwill of the townsfolk. He's been in his share of conflicts but doesn't instigate them.

Willard has been known to be a source of information on the Hillman Clan and the Celestial Dusk, but only when he thinks it is in the best interests of his kin (even if his kin might not agree). He stays out of most conflicts between the town and his people but has occasionally served as a mediator. If forced to choose a side, he would undoubtedly side with his family. So far nobody has forced him to make that choice.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Hill Folk: Regardless of his efforts to be cordial, Willard will always suffer scorn from some of the people of the valley for being a Hillman.


Red Red
Willard has been in Red's holding cell on more than one occasion, but both men understand that it has always been for Willard's own protection. The men like each other and both do what they can to avoid trouble for the other.
Stygia Lestrange Stygia Lestrange
Matriarch of the Lestranges
Being in an important position among the hill folk, Willard and his family couldn't possibly go unnoticed by the Lestranges. He's been seen in the company of the mysterious Stygia a few times but refuses to share what she speaks to him about.


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