Walter Whitefeather
Portrayed by Floyd Red Crow Westerman
Name: Walter Whitefeather
Birthday: August 4, 1932
Origin: Wizard
Role: Academic
Affiliation: Tribal Alliance (SOTA)
Title: Tribal Elder
Resources: ●● Comfortable


A man of average height and a stocky build, though the withering of age has thinned him in his elder years. Walter's face is lined with years of wisdom and worry, the corners of his mouth perpetually turned down, even when he smiles. His white hair is worn long and usually loose.

He dresses simply in jeans and a button up flannel shirt. Over that he wears a wool-lined leather vest with colorful beadwork sewn into the pockets.


Though all members of the Southern Oregon Tribal Alliance can claim American Indian heritage, most are of very mixed blood, with more non-Indian than Indian in their veins. But there are a few family lines that have remained pure. Walter Whitefeather is one of the few that can claim full-blooded heritage.

Walter was born on the Res in 1932, the child of a Coquille mother and a Miluk father, both of whom were powerful shamans. While many of the Tribal Alliance were integrating into the world at large, Walter was learning the old ways, as was expected of one born with such powerful Medicine.

By his teenage years, Walter began to feel isolated, and even to resent the old ways. When he finally went off to college, he was thrilled. He thought it would be his perfect opportunity to break free of the path his parents had set out for him. In his sophomore year he took an American history class, and found that even at the university they were still teaching things about his people that he knew were dead wrong. When he tried to dispute the fact with his professor, he was ridiculed and dismissed as biased.


The injustice enraged Walter. How could they teach blatant lies as fact? How could they blow him off because he was Indian, when that should lend him credibility? As he wrestled with his anger, it became clear why his parents had worked so hard to instill a sense of history and pride in him. If he didn't remember the truth and keep his people's culture alive, who would? It was a revelation that changed Walter's life. He did finish college, but shifted his major to American history. He needed to understand what was being taught if he was to figure out how to correct the untruths.

When Walter came home he rededicated himself to the old ways, learning all he could. He has had numerous papers and three books published on the subject of American Indian culture and history. He got involved in advocacy groups to fight racism and preserve Indian culture. At the age of forty, he ran for a position on the Tribal Council and won the seat he has held ever since.

Story Hooks

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  • Tribal Elder: Walter is the longest sitting Elder on the Tribal Council, as well as its Chairman. He is widely respected among the Tribal Alliance and beyond.
  • Published Author: Anyone that has studied American Indian culture or history probably knows the name Walter Whitefeather. He has written three books on the subject that are considered definitive works.
  • Keep History Alive: Walter is a living library of American Indian history and culture. He considers it his sacred duty to commit it all to record and teach the younger Tribes members about their heritage.


Tessa Tessa
Walter has always had a special relationship with his eldest granddaughter. Though they love one another deeply, their bond is built more on mutual respect. Tessa took to Walter's teachings well, especially those related to the status of the modern Indian and the prejudices against them. Even Walter is impressed at how fiercely she fights for what she believes in.



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