Violet Rocklin
Portrayed by Scarlett Johansson
Name: Violet Rocklin
Alias: So many…
Birthday: December 20, 1990
Origin: Wizard
Role: Other
Resources: ●●●●● Rich



Everyone in Mythic Wood knows that Violet Rocklin is the second wife of Everett Rocklin and a beloved philanthropist and community member. However, almost no one could say that they have a strong memory of when she was Violet Small. Though she appeared in school yearbooks and official documents, nobody seems to have more than the vaguest memory of her presence. It is almost as if Violet Small was invisible…and that is exactly what she intended.


  • 1990 – Born to Allen and Alice Small.
  • 1991 — Allen and Alice are murdered. Violet is taken to her Uncle Leonard in Mythic Wood.
  • 1995 — Meets Cameron Walker.
  • 2009 — Becomes Cameron's girlfriend. Uncle Leo finds out and takes her away from Mythic Wood.


  • 2016 – Returns to Mythic Wood in secret and studies the town and its inhabitants.
  • 2017 – Married to Everett Rocklin.

The Small Family

Allen Small was a wizard and a native of Mythic Wood, but he left and found love in the form of a witch named Alice. He married Alice and eventually they birthed a daughter they named Violet. Like her mother, Violet was born with an extraordinary gift — she was a metamorphmagus, able to alter her physical appearance at will. It was a trait carried by many wizards in Alice's bloodline. In time, this gift would become a curse.

The Smalls traveled all over and met many different people on their journeys. Some of those people looked at metamorphmagi with suspicion. The family was unlucky enough to be in the vicinity of a number of mysterious killings, and while they were untouched by them, they found that many of the locals had convinced themselves that Alice was responsible. Only little Violet escaped the vigilante mob that night, spirited away by a young woman who had befriended the Smalls. Based on what little she knew of them, the woman was able to locate Allen's brother, Leonard Small, in Mythic Wood.

Leonard took in his niece, vowing to protect her from the hate and ignorance that killed his brother and sister-in-law. Being wizard-born, Leonard's understanding of metamorphmagi was limited, but he knew the power could be controlled. He raised Violet with strict discipline and taught her to keep her emotions in check, lest they trigger an involuntary change. He absolutely forbade her to tell anyone what she was, and her abilities were only to be used to blend in and be as unassuming as possible. She wasn't even allowed to socialize with other children beyond school hours. Leonard was a handyman working on the Walker Ranch, so he had his own little shack on the land: a perfect place to keep Violet away from other people so she didn't get too close to anyone…except Cameron Walker.


Unable to relate well to other humans, Violet found herself drawn to the animals on the ranch, and she would often spend time talking to the horses, elk, and hounds. It was inevitable that she would eventually cross paths with young Cameron Walker.

Violet blooming in her senior year

Cameron was just a few years older than Violet, but the two clicked almost immediately. Violet knew she wasn't supposed to associate with him, but his easy going manner and warm smile charmed her, and she was desperate to have a friend. They kept their friendship a secret, frequently arranging to meet in the woods where no one would see. For years, he was her only real playmate and confidant. But her uncle's lessons were deeply ingrained in her, and she kept the secret of her gift even from Cameron.

As they entered their teenage years, the two began to notice…certain things about each other. The attraction was mutual, and though it took a while to act upon, eventually their forest rendezvous became more intimate. When Cameron's mother died, Violet was there to comfort him in his grief.

It was in Violet's senior year of high school that Cameron finally began to cope with the loss of his mother, and he wanted to do better by Violet. Though they knew it had to remain a secret, he asked her to be his girlfriend, and they saw each other more seriously, arranging special picnic dates and exchanging gifts. She began to unconsciously appear more feminine and appealing as her confidence grew…and her uncle noticed.

When Leonard discovered a promise ring Cameron had given to Violet, he panicked and demanded to know where it came from. Though Violet initially refused to tell him, he wore her down and she confessed. Leonard packed up their belongings and left Mythic Wood with Violet that very night. She never had a chance to send so much as a note or phone call to Cameron. She simply vanished.

A Taste for Power

Violet grew resentful of Leonard for taking her away from the one friend she ever had. But the fears he had instilled in her kept her close to him…for a time.

It was in a little village in France that she met her first other metamorphmagus. The wizard, Arnaud, recognized signs of her gift that she never knew she displayed, and that most people would never pick up on. When Arnaud learned how her powers had been suppressed for her entire life, he was outraged. He was able to use her resentment of her Uncle Leonard to convince her that she should learn from him in secret. Arnaud was naturally more gifted at subterfuge than Cameron ever was, and Leonard never suspected that he was following them around France, teaching Violet to use her ability. Furthermore, Arnaud was teaching her to think for herself and freeing her from the shackles of her fear. The better she got at shapeshifting, the more confidence she gained.

In time, Arnaud revealed that he wanted Violet's help with something. As it turned out, Arnaud was not just any wizard; he was a master thief who used his powers to steal magical artifacts of great value. He had a job in Paris lined up, but it was going to require not one master of disguise, but two. Though she was hesitant at first, Violet had become determined to get out from under her uncle's thumb, and for that she would need money of her own.

It was meant to be just one job, but Violet never expected how empowering and thrilling it would feel. She and Arnaud became partners, working several more major heists together throughout Europe. She left Leonard behind and never looked back.

Violet developed a taste for wealth and power; not for its own sake, but to ensure that nobody could ever oppress her again. She used to feel that the world owed her these things she was taking, but she came to believe that nobody is owed anything. Rather, one only deserves what one has the will and ambition to claim for oneself.

Arnaud and Violet eventually parted ways. Violet did a few more jobs solo, but her interest shifted to finding a more permanent means of increasing her power. In her research, she stumbled upon something surprising and extraordinary: a secret about a place she was all too familiar with. It might be just legend, but she became convinced that the legend was based in truth. So she began to make plans to return to Mythic Wood.

Mrs. Rocklin

Violet's reappearance in Mythic Wood went entirely unnoticed, just as planned. It was hardly surprising, considering that she was wearing about a dozen different faces, none of which were the one that could be recognized in the little Oregon town. The metamorphmagus spent several months studying the town, learning what had changed in her absence, and devising a plan.

She paid particularly close attention to the Rocklin family. They were wealthy, influential, and had also found themselves facing a new rival to their monopoly on power in the form of the Eos Corporation. Best of all, the family patriarch, Everett, was single; he had divorced his wife many years earlier. The situation was perfect.

After securing a job with the house staff of the Rocklin Estate, it was easy for Violet to get access to Everett's schedule. From there, she made arrangements to be at a particular party he was set to attend in Seattle. She had learned just what kind of woman would get his attention, and made herself into exactly that. Being from Mythic Wood endeared him instantly. She knew all of the right cards to play, and by the end of the party, Everett Rocklin was head-over-heels in love with Violet Small.

The courtship was just a few months, with Everett making frequent trips to Washington to see Violet. Very few people in Mythic Wood had any idea that he was seeing anyone. So when the announcement of his engagement went out in the paper, there was considerable surprise in the town…and plenty of curiosity, especially when the rumors got around that she was a local girl. Very few people seemed to remember this "Violet Small". Some of her classmates had vague recollections, and they found her picture in old yearbooks, but nobody could recall anything that specific about her. Naturally, that didn't stop some people from claiming to have been her dear friend back then. Oh, the tall tales that sprung up as people tried to connect themselves to the new town darling.

Violet is hands-on with the community

Violet never tried to contradict those claiming to have known her, and even went out of her way to encourage a few of those connections as she integrated herself into the community. She attended town halls, involved herself in charity functions, and even showed her rancher roots by pulling up her sleeves and helping with some community clean-up projects. All in all, she became something of a local celebrity. The wedding itself was a grand affair and Violet insisted that the reception be open to the public. In the years since, Mrs. Rocklin has continued to be an active presence in the community, becoming something of a liaison between the people and the Rocklin family, which can sometimes be seen as a bit distant or out-of-touch.

Secret Lives

There is another side to Violet Rocklin…many other sides, in fact. Though she has grown fond of her husband, her purpose in coming back to Mythic Wood has not changed. She has lofty goals, and they may take many years to achieve. To pursue her dream, she must take on many faces, many names, and work through various agents and intermediaries. The truth is that many townsfolk have had dealings with Violet without ever knowing it. Who would imagine that the beautiful, classy young bride of Everett Rocklin is also the scraggly transient that wanders through town every few months? As well as that portly woman power-walking through town early in the morning? Or that slim cowboy so often drinking alone at the end of the bar at Vera's?

What Violet is really up to is anybody's guess…especially since nobody has any idea that she's up to anything at all. The behavior that everyone sees is quite normal, especially for a town as strange as Mythic Wood.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Town Darling: Violet is well-loved by the general community. She is beautiful, charming, philanthropic, and unafraid to roll up her sleeves and get some work done. She is the ideal small town girl who happened to marry up in the world.
  • Schemer: Unbeknownst to anyone (so far), Violet is constantly working toward some secret goal. To accomplish she, she employs a variety of agents through various adopted identities.


Cameron Cameron
Childhood Friend & Ex-Boyfriend
The only real childhood connection Violet had in Mythic Wood. It is difficult to see him again, especially as she is married to someone else.
Everett Everett
Violet may have schemed to marry Everett, but she does care about him. He treats her well, which is more than she can say for most of the men she's had in her life.
Portia Portia
Though Portia aims plenty of teenage attitude toward Violet, she remains patient and cordial with her stepdaughter. Perhaps for Everett's sake, she continues to try to bond with the girl.


Log Title Summary
(2018-12-21) Winter Festival Parade The whole town comes out, setting aside rivalries and joining together for the annual parade to celebrate the winter holidays.
(2018-10-19) Friday Night Fights A game night for the Rocklin Ravens turns into a confrontational encounter and a strange night.

A Plea from PirateSpice

If your character went to school with Violet, please respect how "invisible" she was back then unless we have mutually decided otherwise OOC. Your character isn't likely to remember her, and even if they do, she was little more than a figure at the edge of every event, never notable or noticeable. There is a tendency for RPers to justify why their character will be the exception to the rule. Please understand that your character's failure to notice or remember Violet is not a commentary on your character's compassion or attention; it is a commentary on Violet's active effort (and supernatural ability) to remain bland and unimportant at that time.



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