Vera Strauss
Portrayed by Famke Janssen
Name: Vera Strauss
Alias: Vee
Birthday: December 13, 1979
Origin: Muggle
Role: Service Worker
Affiliation: Vera's Saloon
Title: Owner & Bartender
Resources: ●● Comfortable


Standing at a fairly average height, Vera has a toned form, with curves where one would generally expect them. Her oval face is framed by dark brown hair, typically worn loose to hang around her shoulders or hastily pulled back into a messy bun. Dark brows arch over amber eyes, spaced evenly to her straight nose. Her philtrum (that little divot under the nose) is quite pronounced, giving emphasis to the cupid's bow of her upper lip and the smooth curve of lower. When she smiles straight teeth are shown, the result of braces in her teenaged years.

Vera isn't a clothes horse, preferring instead to dress for the toil of her job, in comfortable shirts and, most often, jeans. She layers habitually, ready to peel off a layer when the job gets physical, and always has at least one cardigan around, to ward off the general coolness of the region. Her feet are usually covered by black biker-style boots, well worn, with low heels and steel toes against the hazards of having to move heavy objects that sometimes include inebriated customers.


Born and raised in Sin City, Vera was the only child of Carl and Eileen Strauss. The Strauss family owned a small diner/bar off the Strip, catering mostly to locals looking for a break from the tourists. Unfortunately, some of the local mobsters also took a shine to the off-the-beaten-track establishment, making it one of their regular places to do "business". Carl was never thrilled about this but complied since the patronage was typically polite and respectful if a bit shady. Until the night when a demand was made for the diner to open at 3 AM, and Carl balked. By a strange coincidence, Carl and Eileen were found dead the next morning in the staff bathroom.

Vera had been 18 when this happened, about to start her future by going to college, and her dreams were shattered. The men who killed Carl and Eileen had done so of their own volition, a turn of events their Boss was not exactly pleased by. They were "reassigned" (likely to an unmarked grave in the desert), and the Don made Vera an offer she couldn't refuse for the purchase of the diner. The exorbitant amount wouldn't bring her parents back, but it gave the young woman a fine start, and she left Vegas, never to return.

For years Vera traveled the southwest, saving her blood money and taking odd jobs in bars and roadside diners to supplement her day-to-day needs. Eventually, she decided to venture more north, and she ended up in a dingy bar in a little city in Oregon called Mythic Wood. She has a way of getting people talking, and found out most of the life story of the bar's then-owner, including the fact that he was looking to cash out, sell the bar, and retire. That very night, in a cash exchange, the ownership of the bar changed hands. It took the locals a bit to come to trust this outsider, but Vera's tough-girl charm eventually began to win them over. In the time she's been in Mythic Wood she's become an immovable fixture, fully accepted finally in her adopted home.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Vera's Saloon: Arguably the most popular bar in town. It's a place many people can find comfortable, leaning in no direction drastically other than trying to be somewhere for everyone.
  • Peacemaker: Vera rarely takes sides. She is often the mother hen putting everyone in their corners to calm down until they can behave like rational adults.
  • Tenacious: Vera has faced plenty of difficulties in her life, but she's a fighter and refuses to back down from adversity.


Carl Strauss Carl Strauss
Carl was a real good father. He, unfortunately, got mixed up with a mafia family in Las Vegas that used his diner as a place to meet. When the mobsters tried to push things too far, Carl put his foot down and was killed for it.
Eileen Strauss Eileen Strauss
Eileen was a loving mother. She, unfortunately, suffered the same fate as her husband when she ran to him to hold him in his dying moments. She was an amazing waitress and could carry an outstanding amount of dishes and trays along her forearms. A trick Vera has tried to master in honor of her mother.
Red Red
Red comes in at least a few nights a week. He never gets drunk, helps keep the peace, and tips well. Some think he keeps coming back because he's sweet on Vera, but she knows better. Sometimes he just wants someone to listen, and sometimes he just wants to know that someone would.
Al Al
Al has worked at Vera's Saloon before it was Vera's.


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