Uma Hanis
Portrayed by Kali Reis
Name: Umatilla Hanis
Alias: Uma
Birthday: August 24, 1986
Origin: Wizard-born
Role: Security
Affiliation: Log River Casino
Title: Security & Dealer
Resources: ● Poor


A woman in her 30s with black to purple ombre hair in a french twist in the back that has the purple spiral curls spring out in a fan at the crown of her head. The sides of her head are shaved in a fade with a few lines radiating back from her forehead. Cat-like shaped brown eyes are so dark it's hard to tell iris from pupil. Dimples under high cheekbones are obscured by sparkling amethyst studs pierced through them. Giving her rares smiles an extra sparkle. Mocha complexion is clear and smooth though it has been "painted" with many many tattoos mostly down her right arm. Uma stands at 5'8" with a very fit physique. Her muscle tone is evident, all in all, she's not a body-builder, she's a fighter - a boxer and it's in the way she looks and moves.

She's wearing the Log River Casino dealer's uniform. A collared short-sleeved black shirt with the Casino's logo over the left breast. Black jeans that are pretty form fitting and brown cowboy boots mostly hidden by the jeans. All in all the outfit does a good job in showing off that she is not a woman to be trifled with.


  • Uma was 20 when she arrived in Mythic Wood.
  • Boxer that was broke af lost all her money when she bet on herself and lost at Log River Casino.
  • Elizabeth gave her a job doing Security and a spot on her property to park the trailer and live.
  • Uma has a great eye for cheating and is often "tapped in" as a dealer (something she learned over the years working at the casino) to get a closer look at the scam. She also just likes dealing in quiet times.
  • Extremely loyal to Elizabeth acts as her security if it's needed.

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