Ty Paris
Portrayed by Jacob Latimore
Name: Tyrone Nathaniel Paris
Alias: Ty
Birthday: May 12, 2002
Origin: Wizard
Role: Student
Affiliation: Rocklin High School
Title: Junior
Resources: ●● Comfortable



The Paris family has lived in Mythic Wood for almost as long as it has been known by that name, dating back to the pioneer days.

A Mythic Wood Family

Nathaniel Paris was a freeman living in Virginia in the 1850s who struck out west with a dream of a better life. On the wagon train he met a young woman named Sadie and fell in love. By the time they reached Oregon, they had been married by a preacher who was traveling with them. That preacher spoke of an idyllic little valley on the coast he was headed for, and invited Mr. and Mrs. Paris to to come with him, promising they would fine work there. The preacher's word was good, and after arriving in Mythic Wood, Nathaniel became a lumberjack.

The Parises lived in the house that Nathaniel built for generations. However, as regulations on the Oregon lumber industry became more strict in the late 20th century, it had a severe economic impact on Mythic Wood. Omar Paris lost his job at the mill, and the financial fallout from that led to the loss of the family home. The Paris family had to relocate to a manufactured home in the town's RV park. They were nervous about living in the middle of Iron Brigade territory, but were surprised to find that many of them were friendly and welcoming neighbors.

Omar's grandson, Tyrone, was the first Paris born in their new home. He had a happy and healthy childhood like many others in Mythic Wood. He played on youth sports teams, helped out his church group, and even sang and acted on stage at school. Being born a wizard, he also got to experience the wonders of the magical world. Ty didn't know he was living in a bubble until it began to burst.

A Hard Lesson

Though he had faced some teasing from other kids for the color of skin, it was rare and always dealt with swiftly by the adults. In his middle school years, however, a family moved to town that had rather poor opinions of black people. The sons who attended Walker Middle with Ty were not shy about making their prejudices known, and seemed unfazed by disciplinary actions from the faculty. Ty started getting into fights with the boys and his academic performance suffered. One night, a few IBMC members caught the boys and their father in the act of vandalizing the Paris home, spray-painting slurs on their walls and windows. It was only the intervention of Tyrone's father that saved the man from a severe beating. The father served a short jail sentence, during which time the family moved away, much to the relief of many in the community. But the damage was done; Tyrone had experience the ugliness of racism firsthand, and it left scars.

In his freshman year of high school, Ty joined the football team. Being a part of something like that help him to lift his spirits again and focus him. Sadly, the world's problems didn't go away. When the team would travel to play against other schools, he started to see more of the things he had experienced in middle school. He began to feel more isolated, more other. Even worse, when meeting other black kids outside of Mythic Wood, he was often derided for not being "black enough". So he began to immerse himself in black American culture. He listened to the music, talked and dressed like the rappers and black characters in movies, and began to educate himself more on the history of his people. He learned that his ancestor, Nathaniel Paris, was born a slave. The more he came to understand the injustices blacks face, the angrier he became.

Being "Blacker"

Unfortunately, that anger took shape in rather toxic behaviors. He was aggressive, sometimes violent, and confrontational with authority figures. Putting on the face he thought other black people wanted to see helped (in his mind) to balance out that fact that he still enjoyed things like musical theater.

Ty's parents have tried to steer him away from the path he is on, as has Vice Principal Stone, but thus far to little effect. The only things that keep him focused any more are football and theater. His grades are only just good enough to keep him on the team; even his magical skills are mediocre, having lost his sense of wonder at the wizarding world. When he isn't on the field or the stage, he spends his time just hanging out with friends (often getting into trouble) or alone in his bedroom, shutting out the world.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Racial Identity: Ty struggles with prejudice and the expectations of the black community, so he overcompensates in presenting his unhealthy idea of what a black male should be.
  • Athlete: Ty is on the Rocklin High football team. GO RAVENS! He plays defensive end, where he gets to channel a lot of his aggression into a (usually) healthy outlet.
  • Actor/Singer: He loves performing on stage, and he is in the school choir and drama class. These days he tends to play it off like he's just doing it for elective credits because it's easy, but anyone that knows him well can see how it fulfills him.
  • Trouble: These days, Ty gets into his share of trouble. He's prone to fights, skipping school, and occasional unlawful mischief. More than once he's been close to getting kicked off of the football team for his behavior, which is about the only thing that gotten him back on track (for a time).


Mr. Stone Mr. Stone
Vice Principal
He thinks he's gonna do some Stand By Me shit on me or somethin'. He acts like he knows me, but he don't know shit.


Log Title Summary
(2018-10-19) Friday Night Fights A game night for the Rocklin Ravens turns into a confrontational encounter and a strange night.




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