Thorn Running Wolf
Portrayed by Jason Momoa
Name: Paul Running Wolf
Alias: Thorn
Birthday: October 20, 1979
Origin: Wizard
Role: Criminal
Affiliation: Iron Brigade, SOTA
Title: Full Patch
Resources: ●● Comfortable


A man pushing into his middling years, and bearing the scars and demeanor of one who has experienced more than his share of troubles in his time on Earth. Despite the weathering, he stands tall and proud, defiant in the face of that which would tear him down. He has a broad build, strong and sturdy. His skin is tanned by the sun, and dark eyes to match his dark brown hair and short beard. Sharp, peaked eyebrows are cut by a scar over his left eye.

He wears a simple cotton shirt and well worn jeans. Black leather boots and jacket mark him for the biker he is.


Summarized History

Paul was born into a very traditional American Indian family that clung strongly to the old ways and harbored some particularly strong prejudices against non-Indians. When his mother, Walela, became pregnant by a white man, they were furious and forbade her to see him. She named the child after her lover, knowing full well that it would upset her parents.

Paul's childhood was anything but easy. His father died in a motorcycle accident when he was three. The magic he inherited from Paul Sr. helped him to find some acceptance on the Res, but not with his own family, who considered it "white devilry" rather than true medicine. Full of anger and resentment, Paul was prone to getting into trouble. When he was 13, his mother died of an undetected aneurysm, and his behavior got worse than ever before. His grandparents couldn't handle him, so his godfather, Wyatt "Machine" MacClure, stepped in and offered Paul a place to stay. Like Paul's father, Machine was a member of the Iron Brigade, and thus began Paul's association with the motorcycle club. At age 17 he became a Prospect and earned the road name, "Thorn". Following the advice of his comrades, when he turned 18 he enlisted in the Army to go see the world and have experiences beyond Mith-Ih-Kwuh Valley.

Chrome and asphalt are in his blood

Paul served a term in the army, seeing war in Bosnia and Kosovo. He later joined a mercenary company — where he began primarily going by Thorn — and eventually somehow ended up serving with a pirate crew. When he came back to the States, he became a wand-breaker, hunting down bounties on magical fugitives.

In 2007, Thorn returned to Mythic Wood. His IBMC comrade, Raff Hopki, asked him to look after his old lady, Bunny, while he was away for a few months, and made it abundantly clear that Thorn would likely benefit from Bunny's gratitude. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Those months were a peaceful time for Thorn, right up until Bunny told him she was pregnant with his child.

Knowing he would soon be a father, Thorn resolved to make one last big score and then settle down. He took a bounty on the notorious werewolf, Lobo Delgado. Though he managed to locate and kill Delgado, he was bitten during the encounter and infected with lycanthropy. When the muggle authorities found him with Lobo's body, he allowed himself to be arrested and made a plea-bargain to accept voluntary manslaughter charges. He knew that he could reach out to MACUSA for help, but he wanted to be away from the world, far from anyone he cared about that he might be a danger to.

While in prison, he had a revelation about his condition. Seeking to find a balance between the man and the beast within, he turned to the spirits. In particular, his Wolf totem became his guiding light. By embracing the teachings of Wolf, he found some measure of peace with what he had become. When MACUSA eventually discovered him and arranged for his case to be overturned, he retreated to Logo Delgado's old cabin to spend six years in solitude. It was a deeply spiritual time for him, which he emerged from with new power: he had become a wolf shapeshifter. Only then did he feel that he had nothing more to learn about being a wolf, and decided it was time to return to Mythic Wood and once again learn how to be a man.

Extended History

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Wolfman: Thorn is both a wolf animagus and a werewolf. He can freely transform into an ordinary wolf, but every full moon, he becomes something more monstrous, and far more dangerous.
  • Bounty Hunter: Though he hasn't pursued any bounties in years, Paul is both a bailbondsman and a wand-breaker, licensed as a bounty hunter in both muggle and wizarding jurisdictions.
  • Iron Brigade: Thorn is a full-patched member of the IBMC.

Character Diamond

A character diamond represents the core, unchangeable traits of a character.

Even before becoming a werewolf, there was always something wild about Thorn. He is a fierce predator at his core, full of savage fury, volatile emotions, and powerful instincts.
Thorn's sense of honor and duty is branded onto his character. He is unfailingly loyal to those worthy of his friendship, he would not hesitate to take a bullet for a member of his "pack", and he is honest to a fault.
As wild as he is, Paul is also a deep thinker. He is ever looking inward for answers, and clings strongly to his spirituality to anchor him. Though always there for his pack, there are times when he must become a lone wolf, seeking solitude to center himself.
Thorn has never been one to step lightly or use a soft touch. He would rather push relentlessly through obstacles than find a way around them.


Casey Casey
My kid has been raised by another man all her life. I didn't exactly want to stay away, but she deserved better than me. I dunno if Raff is better…but he's not a danger to her. Maybe now I can be a part of her life again.
Bunny Bunny
Baby Momma
Bunny's a hell of a woman. She's far from perfect, but she's got strong maternal instincts. I know she's been taking good care of my baby.


Log Title Summary
(1997-11-07) Goodbye, Running Wolf The Iron Brigade gives 18-year-old Thorn a proper send-off as he is about to leave to join the Army. 10-year-old Reverie sneaks in to say goodbye.




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