Tessa Whitefeather
Portrayed by Tonantzin Carmelo
Name: Tessa Whitefeather
Birthday: January 23, 1980
Origin: Wizard
Role: Law Enforcer
Affiliation: Tribal Police, SOTA
Title: Chief of Police
Resources: ●● Comfortable


- Stern features
- Prides herself on looking professional and well put-together


- Her father is Walter Whitefeather's son.
- Grew up on Walter's stories.
- Deeply spiritual.
- Had a husband in her early 20s, but divorced.
- Became a Ghost Warrior around the same time she joined the Tribal Police.
- Worked her way up through the ranks, becoming Chief of Police in 2014.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Chip on the Shoulder: Tessa is very proud of her heritage, and harbors considerable resentment over the way her people have been treated. It doesn't boil over into outright racism, but she has difficulty trusting people who are not at least partially Native American. This has occasionally caused difficulty for the Sheriff's Office when it comes to inter-agency cooperation.


Walter Whitefeather Walter Whitefeather
I'm proud to call Walter Whitefeather my grandfather. He taught me everything important in my life.



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