Sybilla Mulciber
Portrayed by Kate "Kato" Lambert
Name: Sybilla Hephaesta Samira Mulciber
Alias: Billie
Birthday: October 22, 1992
Origin: Wizard
Role: Technician
Resources: ● Poor


Sybilla has a pale complexion and long, fine locks of moonlight-white hair. Her large, blue-grey eyes are nearly always glamourously made-up to give her an even more exotic appearance. Below an elongated nose sits a pair of full, pouty lips.

At five feet and seven inches, Sybilla is tall for a woman, with long, shapely legs. Though extremely slender of waist, the voluptuous beauty is quite curvaceous with rounded hips and full breasts. She accentuates her natural charms with carefully applied cosmetics. Though she favors a citrus-scented perfume of Bergamot orange and lemon, her hands frequently carry the smells of the oils, solvents, and other components used in her work.


The Mulciber bloodline is renowned among British wizards for producing many talented inventors, artificers, and builders. The family places great value on academic achievement and a willingness to roll up one's sleeves and tackle new problems and challenges with enthusiasm.

Talosia and Shannon

One of the most notable lines of the Mulciber family eventually found its way to the United States in the 1980s. Shannon Knudsen was an American witch vacationing in Ireland and the U.K., visiting the important sites of her ancestors. While on a tour of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she found herself accidentally trapped in some kind of magical elevator. Fortunately, she was trapped with Talosia Mulciber, the very artificer that was restoring the contraption which had been originally designed and built by her grandmother, Hephaesta Mulciber. While Talosia worked to rescue them, they two had hours to talk and get to know each other. The chemistry was palpable, and the more they got to know each other, the more each woman was attracted to the other. Talosia admitted years later that she deliberately slowed her work to spend more time alone in that elevator car with Shannon.

Billie puts a sexy spin on neo-Victorian style

The elevator incident led to coffee in Hogsmeade the next day, and then they made plans to meet again in London. Shannon was falling hard for this brilliant British witch, and Talosia was completely charmed by the beautiful American. The remainder of Shannon's vacation was spent in a whirlwind romance. But in the last days, she grew sullen, and with coaxing she revealed to Talosia the truth of her life in America. She was married to a man of brutal temperament who had laid his hands upon her more than once. Incensed, Talosia tried to convince her to stay in England, but Shannon's family was back in Oregon and she felt they needed her. So, Talosia did something impulsive: she followed her beloved Shannon to America.

At first, Talosia was just the latest eccentric to make her way to Mith-Ih-Kwuh Valley. She was a curiosity, but she fit right in. She and Shannon never let on that they had met in England, but did carry on a friendship after orchestrating a convenient "first meeting". In reality, they continued their affair for over a year in secret. Shannon was building up the courage to leave her husband…until she got pregnant. Once she was carrying his child, her husband became more controlling than ever. What was worse was that he was an officer of the Iron Brigade, so he had the club's support behind him.

When Shannon finally gave birth and held her son, Fjord, in her arms, she grew fearful for the boy and what her husband might one day do to him. She finally tried to leave, taking Fjord with her. But the IBMC acted quickly, not with violence, but with the force of the law. The custody battle was swift and fierce. Accused of kidnapping Fjord, Shannon lost everything; her ex-husband would not even allow her visitation. Her only comfort was her beloved Talosia.

Stately and Ambulatory: Mulciber Haul

Mulciber Haul

After the divorce, Shannon and Talosia became more public about their relationship. Only a few short months later, they were married in a small ceremony at the courthouse. They were living in the Duffy's family home: a dilapidated Victorian house that was on the verge of being condemned. Talosia, being the builder she was, performed some heavy renovations…such as adding wheels and an engine. It took about two years, but eventually she had seemingly dismantled the house and rebuilt pieces of it onto some kind of steam-powered chassis, turning it into the strangest motorhome anyone had seen. With tongue in cheek it was dubbed Mulciber Haul. Anyone that went inside would quickly realize that none of the original house had been discarded — it was all there, bigger on the inside. Not that they had many houseguests since they moved the Haul out to a quiet patch of land off the highway in the outskirts of town, preferring their privacy.

Adding a touch of goth to her steampunk

Sybilla Joins the Family

In the midst of the home reconstruction, Talosia's wife became pregnant — an event made possible by some extraordinary magic. So, one of the rooms was converted into a nursery, and nine months later the happy couple welcomed their baby daughter, Sybilla, into their home.

It was no great surprise that Sybilla showed an interest in Talosia's work at an early age. Like many Mulcibers, she demonstrated a gift for building things and understanding magical mechanics. She never did take to modern technology the way some other young wizards of the valley did, gravitating instead to classic artificing and steam-based systems. During her teen years, Sybilla became enamored of the budding steampunk genre, reveling in its retro-futuristic style and sense of whimsy and wonder about science and technology. Long before the steampunk subculture became established, brown leather, brass accessories, goggles, and Victorian-inspired clothing became Sybilla's everyday style.

Enjoying the Oregon outdoors

Teen Mom

At the tender age of thirteen, Sybilla became involved with someone older. They were very secretive, and her parents didn't find out about the relationship until she could no longer hide that she was pregnant. The father of the child left town, abandoning Sybilla, who was fortunate to have Talosia and Shannon to support her.

The Mulcibers chose to pack up and take Mulciber Haul out for a year of touring the country. At least that was the story they told the locals. After a couple months of touring, they found somewhere with a magical hospital nearby and parked the Haul for the season to await their new arrival. Fourteen-year-old Sybilla gave birth to her daughter, Arachne, under the expert care of proper wizarding healers. Both mother and child were exhausted, but perfectly healthy.

Upon returning to Mythic Wood, there was simply little mention of the baby at first. Sybilla returned to school with stories of her trip around the country, and that was all. The cat could not be kept in the bag forever, though, and within a few months the rumors spread. Sybilla had always been a bit socially awkward, but being stigmatized and slut-shamed caused her to withdraw further, focusing mainly on her work while at school, and her beloved baby girl while at home.

Arachne was raised in a house full of love and teeming with energy. They taught her to reach for the stars and encouraged every creative pursuit, always looking for how that Mulciber spark would manifest in her.

Enjoying a warm cup of tea

Home Alone

When Sybilla turned 24, her parents left. It wasn't exactly sudden; they had been planning for quite some time to go travel the world and have some adventures. In fact, they had spent years building an airship to do just that. They decided that Sybilla was mature enough and needed space to build her own life with her child. So they deeded the Haul to their daughter and, under the cover of night and several Disillusionment Spells, they flew away from Mith-Ih-Kwuh Valley. They send owls often and still visit occasionally, but never for long, ever onward to their next port of call.

For several years, Sybilla has taken up the mantle of "the weirdo in the rolling house". The area around Mulciber Haul (and much of the inside) is frequently littered with piles of what may look like junk. To her, though, they are projects in various stages of completion, or at least components for future, unspecified projects.

Sybilla does sell her creations, both as functional devices and art pieces. She also hires out her services as a magical handywoman, though it is mostly just wizards that find her skills useful. To supplement the meager income from her tinkering, she has taken a job as a clerk at Nevermore, which does help her to acquire the occasional strange component she may need for a project.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Steampunk: Billie embraces the steampunk aesthetic, and has done so since she was a teenager in the mid-nineties. While she sometimes dresses in other styles, she usually favors the retro-futuristic Victorian look.
  • Tinkerer: She makes things…weird things…magical things. As much an artist as an inventor, she infuses everything she makes with her signature steampunk style.
  • Introvert: Sybilla is easily overwhelmed by social activity. It isn't that she doesn't want human connection, she just doesn't have must capacity for too much of it at a time. Now and then she can let loose and enjoy a large party or gathering, but it will exhaust her. She typically "recharges her batteries" by retreating to Mulciber Haul and burying herself in her tinkering.


Arachne Mulciber Arachne Mulciber
My little spider. I am utterly ensnared in her webs. Arie is my everything. I know I haven't always made the best decisions for her, but I try. I'll keep trying, and keep learning to be a better mother.
Talosia Mulciber Talosia Mulciber
British Mum
Mum taught me everything I know about magical mechanics. She's an amazing inventor—she built the Haul! I hope I can be half the artificer she is.
Shannon Mulciber Shannon Mulciber
American Momma
Momma had it pretty hard before she met Mum. But you almost wouldn't know it now. They are so adorable together. Thank the stars Momma can cook and sew — and taught me how to — because Mum is hopeless at both.
Fjord Knudsen Fjord Knudsen
Before Momma married Mum, she had another kid with an abusive piece of shit. So, I've got this half-brother that I barely know. Hope he's nothing like his father.
Selina Grey Selina Grey
Working in a "magic shop" was not what I imagined for myself, but being a starving artist doesn't really pay that well. But what I really like about the job is Selina. She is a trip to talk to, and her sense of style is right up my alley.





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