Stygia Lestrange
Portrayed by Lena Headey
Name: Stygia Lestrange
Birthday: October 13, 1973
Origin: Wizard
Role: Other
Affiliation: Lestrange Family
Title: Matriarch
Resources: ●●● Prosperous


Tall and imposing, this woman was once possessed of a commanding, dangerous beauty. But her striking features have been marred by disfiguring facial scars. Now she exudes another kind of danger, the sort that does not hide, but proudly displays instability and callousness. Her hair is a short nest of black threads, her eyes a deep blue-green.


Little can be said with certainty about Stygia Lestrange, save that she is undoubtedly the present leader of the dark and fearsome family that rules the Eastern Hills. She is rarely seen, and known mostly through rumors that frequently exaggerate her legend. During her infrequent appearances, she is always accompanied by her kin, and sometimes by honored members of the Celestial Dusk.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Lestrange Matriarch: As far as anyone can tell, Stygia is the unquestioned ruler of the Lestranges and the Celestial Dusk. She is spoken of reverently by her allies, and fearfully by her enemies. It is strongly suspected by wizardkind that she is a powerful Dark witch.



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