Shelly Bundy
Portrayed by Britney Spears
Name: Shelly Bundy
Origin: Wizard
Role: Sex Worker
Affiliation: Bachelor Club
Resources: ●● Comfortable


Fresh off a Trailer Park Mobile home hot-plate. Her flaxen hair is long silky and styled into bouncy curls that are held into place with a liberal use of hair spray. Bangs fringe along her forehead coming down to tassel just above her dark blond eyebrows that are plucked into perfect arches with a hint of a devilish perk where her temple begins. Under those brows is probably her best feature, milky sky blue eyes set into a very cat like shaped lids, each corner pinched and slightly curled down at the ends. In fact, most of her features have a catty appearance to their shape. Her eyes are evenly set some distance on either side of a small slightly upturned squared off button nose. Her cheeks are full around the apples but slope into a small chin and a long slightly squared off jaw. Her bottom lip is much fuller than the top lip and it gives her a pouty look even if she's in any other mood. Her body type is a petite and toned 36-26-32 at five feet and five inches tall.


Story Hooks

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Log Title Summary
(2017-07-04) 4th of July Pool Party The town celebrates Independence Day at the public pool.
(2017-06-08) National Blueberry Day It's National Blueberry Day, which makes it a good excuse for everyone to go out picking blueberries.
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