Shelly Bundy
Portrayed by Britney Spears
Name: Shelly Bundy
Birthday: February 14, 1992
Origin: Wizard
Role: Sex Worker
Affiliation: Bachelor Club
Title: Stripper & Waitress
Resources: ●● Comfortable


Fresh off a Trailer Park Mobile home hot-plate. Her flaxen hair is long silky and styled into bouncy curls that are held into place with a liberal use of hair spray. Bangs fringe along her forehead coming down to tassel just above her dark blond eyebrows that are plucked into perfect arches with a hint of a devilish perk where her temple begins. Under those brows is probably her best feature, milky sky blue eyes set into a very cat like shaped lids, each corner pinched and slightly curled down at the ends. In fact, most of her features have a catty appearance to their shape. Her eyes are evenly set some distance on either side of a small slightly upturned squared off button nose. Her cheeks are full around the apples but slope into a small chin and a long slightly squared off jaw. Her bottom lip is much fuller than the top lip and it gives her a pouty look even if she's in any other mood. Her body type is a petite and toned 36-26-32 at five feet and five inches tall.


One year, 1960 to be exact, a bunch of Iron Brigadiers decided that they wanted to experience Mardi Gras in the city of New Orleans! So everyone packed up their bikes and headed off for a cross-country trip. They took to Mardi Gras like ducks to water and had an amazing time. David "Sarge" Bundy met a bayou bred Arcadian Cajun girl, Rebecca "Becky" Landry. Now David wasn't exactly a one-woman sort of guy, but after he met Becky he was enchanted! She had a raw wildness about her, making out and making love anywhere they could through the entire Mardi Gras celebration kept him busy. If asked a decade later why he brought her back to Mythic Wood with him, he really couldn't say. If you asked Becky it was because she used her powers to enchant the sexy bad boy to get her out of her podunk swamp filled life. When she first met David, he waxed poetic about the town he came from on the beautiful Pacific coast. Faaaaaar away from swamps. He was beautiful and bad and made her feel good. So a bit of magic and away they went! Then came the old fashioned no magic required entrapment of being pregnant and David did the right thing and they were married three months later.

Bunny was born pretty much nine months exactly after Shrove Tuesday. By the time she was born her mother was already not entirely pleased with changing one small town for another, but it was only a disappointment that caused a rift between David and Becky. Becky loved her little girl and was excited to have her little Bunny to raise and teach magic too. Unfortunately, Becky got disappointed in that too, as Bunny grew she showed very subtle signs of having magical abilities. Those subtle signs turned into subtle powers, to the point of Bunny failing through the ACCEL program to the point that her wand was taken away and she was left to live life magicless. By the time Bunny barely graduated Rocklin High School and flunked out of the ACCEL program Becky had moved on with another biker that was based out of Portland. David didn't care that she flunked ACCEL he didn't care much about Bunny's failures and successes at all. So when Lenny showed interest in Bunny's future she believed that he could make her a star!

Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll became Bunny's replacement for magic in her life. Anything that would have made her a star came and went unnoticed because Bunny was probably drunk and or stoned. So she stayed on at the Bachelor Club, stripping and waitressing and making enough money to keep herself a tiny little trailer with the other business in the back 'VIP' rooms at the club. Because of her father, Bunny also grew up in the MC Clubhouse, especially after her mother left him, she would get "looked after" by the other old ladies of the club. Not having the greatest parenting lead Bunny to not making the greatest decisions when it came to choosing partners. "Deadman" Fred was a nomad for the club. He didn't have the money to take Bunny into the VIP section at the club, so he followed her home to her trailer and ravished her. Bunny liked the handsome bad boy, just like her mother liked her father. Deadman would come in and out of town as he liked, and ravished Bunny when and where he liked too. She became his port du call and after one surprise visit, they conceived Shelly. Bunny didn't change her life for anyone, not even the baby in her belly. Those around that could see it even noticed a decline in Bunny's sobriety and health the older Shelly got. Some made the accurate guess that as Shelly grew and showed magical ability by the time she was 3 that Bunny never displayed at all it affected Bunny and made her dive deeper into her magic substitutes of alcohol, drugs, and sex.

It was a rainy day six years after his first visit when Bunny was with one of her regular lovers, Raff, that Deadman came into town again. Now, neither of them claimed monogamy was a tenant in their relationship, but Deadman had been having a really bad time and finding his favorite sex bunny with another guy right in the middle of the act triggered his blood to boil. Deadman grabbed up one of Bunny's many rabbit statuettes and beat and stabbed Raff until he was a lump near to death on the floor. Then he turned on Bunny and for the first time in Bunny's mind, the ravishing was rape. When he was done he gave Shelly, who was in the living room the entire time watching Saturday Cartoons, a blood-soaked hug. Deadman told Shelly to take care of her Bunny and then thundered off on his bike. If it weren't for Shelly, Raff would have died. But she had the wherewithal to call 911 and then came in to cuddle and lay on hands as her arcadian ancestors would do. Shelly pet at her mother and at Raff and her hands became so warm and almost glowy. By the time the ambulance arrived Bunny was only just a bit sore, and Raff was in a stable but critical condition the EMTs said.

After that happened Bunny did her best to become more responsible. She and Raff were admittedly "not right" after the attack, Bunny did all she could to take care of Raff, especially in the precarious months he was healing but really as always, Shelly took a lead role when her mother would fail. Raff was never the sharpest tool in the shed and having a porcelain rabbit smashed into your skull several times didn't do much to help that. Bunny gave up stripping and moved in with Raff to better take care of him. Shelly was fine living on her own in their old trailer. It was next door anyway. Bunny pretty much was the same age when she started fending for herself, so she knew Shelly would be fine.

Shell's living arrangement made her rather popular in school. She was the mistress of party central, a cheerleader, and a 'bad girl', going to all the school games but driving off on the back of Caleb's bike in his leather jacket. She flirted with the geeks and nerds, getting tutoring from them to keep her grades at passing C levels, but she was more concerned with cheerleading, guys and partying. She was also a part of the crowd that was known for pulling pranks; locks glued shut, principal's car covered in condoms and parked in the middle of the gym, turning off the heat to the school showers. Mostly harmless pranks and Shelly went along with them, holding the celebrations for their success at her trailer.

There was one thing that put a bit of a crimp in Shelly's lifestyle and that was becoming a new mom in 2007, her freshman year. No, she and Caleb (and everyone else) were always very careful. But somehow Bunny wasn't and that was when she got pregnant and on November 22, 2007, Casey Hopki was born. But as usual when her mother does something, Shelly takes responsibility for it. Casey would be brought over to Shelly's trailer so they could sleep off the hangovers and do the every-three-hour feedings through the night. It wasn't like Shelly had school in the morning to get to. But luckily Shelly's system of getting good enough grades held through and Shelly was able to graduate. She might have changed a three-year-old sister's pull-ups in the locker room in her cap and gown, but in she graduated dammit.

It was in 2009, Shelly's junior year when the Bundy's learned that Deadman was finally killed gruesomely in prison. Why that threw her mother into another depression Shelly will never understand but it made Bunny very depressed and she once again turned to the numbing delights of sex and drugs. Thankfully she once again had Shelly to cover her motherly duties when it came to Casey. The depression got worse again when little Casey really started showing just how brilliant and magical she was the older she got.

After high school, most of Shelly's friends scattered, eager to get out of the Podunk town by any means possible. Caleb joined the Marines but was one of the very few she kept in touch with, sending him email and pictures. Even if Shelly wanted to get out of town, which she really doesn't, she couldn't. She'd never leave Casey. So she stayed in Mythic Wood, following in her mother's footsteps as a waitress and stripper at the Bachelor's Club. It was a few years later that Caleb returned home, rekindling the relationship they had in high school. It was, at the base of it all, a relationship very much like the one that produced her in the first place. The only differences are that Shell and Caleb really love each other, and Caleb isn't the jealous type.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Bachelor's Club: Shelly works at the strip joint as a stripper and waitress. She's known for her dances that include many shell and or pearl long necklaces…and not much else.
  • Iron Brigade "Old Lady": She is a long time (open relationship) girlfriend of a patched member of the MC, Caleb. Putting a title to their relationship is a relatively new thing. She is also the daughter of a formerly patched now disgraced member of the IBMC and her mother is also a generational member of the club.
  • Blond: Really she is a walking stereotype. "Like, you know? Uhh, what was I saying? Where's my beer?"
  • Internet "Celebrity": Shelly has quite the following on the internet for her erotic live chat.


Rebecca "Becky" Landry & David "Sarge" Bundy Rebecca "Becky" Landry & David "Sarge" Bundy
Maternal Grandparents (Witch and Muggle.)
Gamma left when Bunny was a sophomore in high school. Sarge was always on the road and Bunny was left mostly to be raised by the other members of the IBMC.
Bunny Bunny
Mother (Witch.)
Shelly saved Bunny's life when she was six years old. It should be a point of pride and awe for Bunny, but it's not. It only serves to remind Bunny how useless she is. Shelly really though is a good girl. She has been more of a mother to Bunny then Bunny has been to her.
Casey Casey
Half-Sister (Witch.)
Shelly loves and treats her baby sister like she was her own daughter. Their mother's failings had Shelly stepping into the role of mother of Casey when she was a freshman in high school. Seeing her grow up into an independent young lady with such strong magic makes Shelly so very proud.
Caleb Caleb
Oldman (Muggle.)
Shelly and Caleb shared the same playpen at the clubhouse while their parents got drunk and got up to no good with the Club. He is the one person that takes care of her. He loves her for exactly who she is, doesn't get jealous of her polyamory and she loves him right back. They've been through so much together, she doesn't think anything but death'll keep them apart again.
Raff Raff
Step-Daddy: (Wizard-Born.)
Shelly has taken care of Raff ever since her real daddy brained him with a bunny statuette. Like usual, Shelly has often filled the role meant for her mother's doing.
Thorn Thorn
Family Friend: (Wizard.)
Back in the day Thorn needed a place to crash and he stayed with Raff and Bunny. He seriously caught Shelly's attention back then and she wonders where he disappeared to sometimes.


Log Title Summary
(2018-12-21) Winter Festival Parade The whole town comes out, setting aside rivalries and joining together for the annual parade to celebrate the winter holidays.
(2018-07-04) 4th of July Pool Party The town celebrates Independence Day at the public pool.
(2018-06-08) National Blueberry Day It's National Blueberry Day, which makes it a good excuse for everyone to go out picking blueberries.

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