Saoirse Knight
Portrayed by Sophia LIllis
Name: Saoirse Knight
Alias: Selkie
Birthday: November 28, 2001
Origin: Wizard
Role: Student
Affiliation: Rocklin High School
Title: Junior
Resources: ●●● Prosperous


With short, slightly unruly red hair, a freckled face, and striking blue eyes, Saoirse perhaps looks a bit more mischievous than she actually is. She is slender and elfin, and likely to stay that way into maturity, if her mother is any indicator.

She is also rather short, coming in at just barely 5’.


Her Father is Reginald Tiberius Knight, elder brother of Rupert Augustus Knight II, and original inheritor of the family business. Having been much more interested in doing pretty much anything other than staying put and running a business, the mundane details of family finance were left to Rupert while Reginald gallivanted across Britain and other parts of the world. It was on one of these excursions that he met his future wife, Siobhan, at a wedding for the prominent Wizarding family, the Merrythoughts of Ireland.

Eventually the two had three children, two boys and a girl. In following the family tradition (with an Irish twist) the boys were named Ronan and Riordan, while Siobhan finally put her foot down and named Saoirse after a female ancestor further down the Merrythought line.

The family moved to Mythic Wood in order to be closer to Rupert and his family because of Siobhan’s battle with breast cancer and her ensuing treatments. As a sort of present/celebration for her successful mastectomy, and the remission of her cancer, Reginald bought, furnished, and renovated a small, but extremely well stocked bookshop that serves both magical and non-magical clientele. Saoirse spends a good chunk of her free time working evenings in the shop.

Saoirse is a talented witch, in her own right, perhaps due to the Merrythought blood from her mother’s side. She applies herself to study, and is an excellent student, though her first love is not magic, but art. A prodigious sketch artist and landscape painter, she enjoys many long walks through the various environs of Mythic Wood and uses the Oregonian landscapes for her sketches (and later paintings, from those sketches).

Her young age relative to the rest of her family, the advancing age of her parents, and her mother’s fight with cancer have all left Saoirse feeling a little bit left behind, combined with her relative new-ness to the school she attends and the little town, she finds herself with very few friends. Not so much out of any tendency toward antisocial behavior, but more because of circumstance and her penchant for being a little more into books, daydreams, and paint-smeared fingertips, and less into makeup, fashion, or whatever teenage girls should be into.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Artist: While moving from class to class, or to and from school, Saoirse can often be found toting around a large soft-sided art portfolio and a backpack full of paints and charcoals. When she's not working on classroom projects, she mostly just carries around her sketchpad. As a way of people-watching, she'll often sit and sketch anyone she might find interesting. Since moving to Mythic Wood this has been her way to try and get to know the town, even though many may not know her yet.
  • Bookseller: Saoirse works at her mother's bookshop most weeknights. She loves literature and is fairly well versed in all manner of references to help both magical and non-magical patrons in finding what they need.


Rupert Knight Rupert Knight
Saoirse feels like she and her uncle haven't ever had much of a chance to get to know one another. A bit more quiet than usual around him, she's unsure whether, or how much, he may blame her father for leaving him with the responsibility of managing the family business.
Kelby Knight Kelby Knight
The relationship between Saoirse and her cousin is fledgling, at best. Having only recently moved into town, Saoirse hasn't had much time to get to know Kelby.


Log Title Summary
(2018-12-21) Winter Festival Parade The whole town comes out, setting aside rivalries and joining together for the annual parade to celebrate the winter holidays.
(2018-12-09) Of Butterflies and Sheep When Lyra discovers a sketchbook containing a portrait of herself, she finds a new friend in the artist.


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