Samantha Wicks
Portrayed by Stephanie Leonidas
Name: Samantha Wicks
Alias: Sam
Birthday: April 30, 2003
Origin: Wizard
Role: Student
Affiliation: Rocklin High School
Resources: ●● Comfortable



Samantha was born the first - and only - child of Jessica Parr and Felix Wicks. Her mother died when she was two years old. Her dad never quite recovered. Samantha's earliest memories kick in when Felix picked her up from her grandparents house at the age of three. They moved out to Oregon as he went to work for Eos, living a quiet life in a modest little house. Her dad never dated another woman and Samantha did not mind much, enjoying the extra space and considerable freedom in their shared little universe.

Samantha partook in the ACCEL program and was notorious only for her temper and for having a knack for mathematics and formal logic, a rather unusual trait in a young witch used to bending the physical laws of nature with magic. Then again, with her father being a distinguished researcher in both no-maj and wizard studies, harmless questions of a young, curious daughter often resulted in lengthy arguments on the true nature of things…

When she turned 14, she finally found the courage to approach her dad on the true circumstances of the death of her mother. It was the sad anniversary her dad always spent alone in the kitchen wasting himself on a bottle of the strongest spirit he could find in the house. She came down the stairs in her night gown, joining him without a word. Dad told her then that her mother had died in an accident in a storm on her way home. Leaving details out, perhaps for guilt, always with the intention of telling her the truth one day - so he claims.

Samantha found out the truth on her own, when she started digging.Her dad had caused the death of her mother. Period. And he was a pathetic liar.

This caused her to rebel and to act against him. To push against him and to fight, she quit coming home as often, staying out late and doing anyone knows what.

They fight and strife is a constant now.

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Jessica Parr Jessica Parr
Jessica died in a tragic accident when Sam was just a baby. Learning the specifics of that accident is what has driven Sam into her dark spiral and has separated herself from her father.
Felix Wicks Felix Wicks
Estranged Father
Sam cannot forgive or forget what her father did and all of the lies and covering up for what he did all of her life.
Rum Rum
Sam will visit the old house when she knows her father is at work to spend time with Rum.



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