Rupert Knight
Portrayed by Daniel Craig
Name: Rupert Augustus Knight II
Birthday: October 16, 1969
Origin: Wizard
Role: Merchant
Affiliation: Elkhorn Winery
Title: Owner
Resources: ●●●● Affluent


Rupert is a man of fine tastes and it reflects in his grooming and stature. His broad shoulders give an impressive and oft times imposing cut to his figure. A consummate business man he is always clean shaven and his pale brown hair shorn short and styled. Hooded blue eyes set on on a small chiseled face is made more masculine by the jut of his chin. What the man lacks in the classic jaw line he makes up for in his charming demeanor and the posture of a man confident beyond his own means.

Suits. Never does a day go by that he is not not wearing a suit and on the rare occasion one can find him in sweater vest and button down.


Rupert Augustus Knight II was given his prestigious name after his great-grandfather, a man lauded for the expansion of the Knight's land holdings that enabled them to be the success story they are today. By no means were they ever not one of the most influential families in the area but his forward thinking brought them a new level of presence to the area in the form of holdings.

Rupert never really speaks of his childhood but those who knew him in his youth he was an exuberant spirit hell bent on seeing the world. He had plans. Big plans and it was not mean to be lived out in the town he grew up in.

Things change. Rupert changed.

Though the knowledge that the Knight family has other ventures aboard and dabble in many forms of business their image in Mythic Woods is Elkhorn Winery. Its main business built off of of the Knight's ancestral cabin its now the center of their large operation that only seems to be growing. The wine they produce in their casks is award winning and shipped internationally now.

Rupert never sees it as a enough and as much as he is a shrewd business man he knows to groom his image and holds charity events and town gatherings at the winery to offer food and drink for free to the locals. Rupert, the perfect host. The perfect business owner. Rupert Knight for Mayor of Mythic Woods 2020.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Elkhorn Winery: When he is not away on business he can be found in his office at the winery.
  • Charitable: The school scholarship fund? The soup kitchen? You name it, Rupert has either organized it, donated money or held events. How does one man have so many hats?
  • Native Ancestry: This is a topic he refutes on a regular basis. The Knights are from jolly ole England via Maine. He will even pull out his charts and records. No where in their history did some heir to the family fortune marry a native.
  • Female Heir: His daughter Kelby is the heir to the Knight fortune. Anyone who things they are going to place their name on their holdings better think again. Welcome to being a Knight if you pass the pedigree test.


Audra Knight Audra Knight
Audra and Rupert have that perfect outer shine to their marriage. There are hints at cracks in the facade and sometimes they can be found quietly disagreeing. One thing is for sure they present a united front. A politicians wife if there ever was one.
Kelby Knight Kelby Knight
Rupert loves his daughter to a fault. Nothing and no one is good enough for her to the detriment of her choices. She is the heir and thus whoever she marries will take on the Knight family name. Perhaps thats why Kelby's fiancé left her? Death to all that seek to ruin the Knight line and his precious daughter.


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