Ronan Riley
Portrayed by Parker Bates
Name: Ronan Rian Riley
Alias: Ro, RR, Littlest R
Birthday: August 3, 2008
Origin: Wizard
Role: Student
Affiliation: Miluk Elementary School
Title: 5th Grader
Resources: ●●●● Affluent


Perfectly styled dark blonde and light brown hair has been brushed to the left, long enough for him to run his fingers through on top. His sides have been trimmed very short and slightly cover his ears. A corona of gold surrounds the pupil of dark blue eyes shot through with lighter strands framed by dark lashes beneath his dark blond brows. A small snub nose rests above his cupid bow lips. His slim frame promises to grow larger with age. His skin has a slightly tanned look to him.

A dark blue jean jacket rests above a plain black hoodie that lays open to reveal a pure white t-shirt. The oval neckline dips slightly from his throat. The full-length sleeves end in thick cuffs at the wrists. The hem of his tee goes under the waist of his tight black jeans. A black leather belt encircles his trimmed waist. The tight legs brush the tops of his black converse shoes with bright white shoe laces.


The Rileys have been around Mythic Wood since the turn of the century when Fergus and Fiona arrived one winter and got snowed in and just sort of never left. Since then, they have been running the theater house. While the troop decides what to perform and when, the Rileys manage the books for the show, hire the staff to be ushers and ticket takers and run the projector when they’re using it as a cinema. Ronan was born to Mary Murphy Riley and Rory Rowan Riley Sr in Boston, Massachusetts. He was born while his mother was finishing her MBA at Harvard.

Growing up, he would come to Mythic Wood from time to time and also visiting his mother’s family back in Rosscarbery in County Cork Ireland. His family moved back to Mythic Wood when he was four. His father Rory moved back to take over running the theater so that his father could retire after he had a heart attack. Since his mother hadn’t found a job yet, she took over taking care of Ronan and Rory while Rory Sr managed the theater’s books and took up in the troop again.

Then Eos opened their doors and began hiring people, which Mary decided to apply and worked to become the Director of Network Services. It was also about that time that Ronan began showing signs of being magical like his dad’s family. Rory had shown signs as well at that age, leading to Mary being the only nonmagical person in the family. She’d adjusted pretty well by that point to the magical world as much as she experienced, although she’d had a little difficulty the first year after she and Rory Sr had married.

They fell into a routine pretty quickly. Mary would drop the boys off at school and then go into work at Eos. Rory Sr would then pick them up and drop the boys off at their grandparents’ house most days as he was busy with either rehearsals or the myriad of little things that needed doing around the theater as he was one part handyman, one part actor and one part accountant. When Ronan was eight, he got a taste of acting playing one of the children in a production the Troop did. He’d always been a bit of a ham but this gave him an outlet.

Ronan has always enjoyed playing soccer with his cousins and Rory Jr. He became fond of it when he would visit his cousins in Ireland. Unfortunately there wasn’t a team at school, so he’s never really played competitively.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Mother works for Eos
  • His friends know he loves to cook for people
  • A bit of a class clown, very fond of making jokes
  • Has been involved in the Mythic Wood troops


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