Reverie Stargazer
Portrayed by Cat Powers
Name: Reverie Rosalia de Herrerra
Alias: Rev, Revie, Rose
Birthday: July 14, 1987
Origin: Wizard
Role: Criminal
Affiliation: Iron Bridgade
Title: Prospect
Resources: ● Poor


She's not pretty in the classic sense but the woman has a vibrant take no prisoners attitude that gives her an appealing rough edge. Almond shaped amber eyes are often painted in dark liner and set off with mascara. Her rich golden toned skin sports a few caramel colored freckles along her nose but nothing more. The soft curves of her face smooth the high cheekbones and angled chin. Her dark hair has been left straight and long, with a thick fringe of bangs hanging low over her eyes. She's skinny, but toned with faint impression of muscles.

A simple ribbed tank top, a few oil marks on it is set over by a ragged denim jacket with its worn edges and pockets. Her jeans look much the same and in that fitted cut that allows one to ride a bike; holed and oil stained. A pair of brown work boots with broken laces house her feet.


Reverie de Herrerra was born into chaos and she herself would later continue it. It is in her blood. Her father, William 'Rabid' Stargazer was a third generation member of the Iron Brigade, a legacy reaching back her great grandfather as one of the founding members. Her father was a man of quick mood changes but never once did he lift a hand to Rev. He adored his daughter, taught her the needs a bike has, the road, and how to defend herself. Her mother was not much better, a thief and transient the gypsy type that ended up caught by the impetuous and larger than life Rabid. As far as Rev can remember they loved each other dearly, even when her father boiled over and they fought.

It was life, simple as that and Reverie enjoyed it even with its ups and downs. She was a rough and tumble girl, able to give as good as she got.

One night when she was twelve her parents fought to the point that he finally hit her mother. That evening their old and rusty caddy was packed up with her things and her mothers, her father arguing the entire time. One thing that is as clear as day to her was that moment he gave her a small little talisman, carved from bone and told her to never take it off. That little Rev would find him again one day.

That began her transient existence. Her mother taught her how to take what they needed and those they met along the way taught her the finer skills of boosting cars. Reverie walked the outer circle, her mother teaching her mostly and on occasion she was thrown into school. But they never stayed more than six months at a time. Especially as Rev got older and older, things would just go wrong around the girl and they would have to leave. And so their timeline at any one given place was shortened.

When she was twenty three her mother's health took a turn for the worst and they had to hunker down in Nevada. Rosalie de Herrerra passed on and Rev was left with their beaten up car, her talents and that talisman. She spent the next seven years moving from place to place, picking up odd jobs as a bartender or waitress in between connecting with local criminals to boost cars and do minor jobs. Her wrap sheet already existed before her mother past, small petty crimes as a minor but at the age of twenty-six while in Idaho in the year 2013 she was jailed for attempted robbery. Unarmed it meant her sentence was lowered to five years.

She served her time but while in the clink she got letters. Her father had passed about the time she was arrested and the Iron Brigade had done its best to find her. They had found her in the system and gotten in touch. So now, with little to her name save what her father has left her, she has returned to Mythic Woods.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Iron Brigade Legacy: Her father was William 'Rabid' Stargazer and his father Henry 'Cutter' Stargazer before him were both members. Her great grandfather Timothy Stargazer was a WWII vet and helped to found the Iron Brigade right along side Carter Young.
  • Transient Until Now: Rev has been nearly everywhere and nowhere in the same breath. She's been to the cafes, bars, and allies of many cities but never to their landmarks.
  • Witch: She is one but has little to no training - just enough to keep her from causing harm.
  • Criminal: Rev's been boosting cars since she could jimmy a door open. She's got a record and some jail time she's recently been released from.
  • Mechanic: She knows enough to keep a bike or car fixed.
  • Temper: She has one to go with her shining personality.
  • Native Blood: Her father was Coos and her mother from Spain. She has her talisman from her father but has little knowledge in the ways of the people.


William 'Rabid' Stargazer William 'Rabid' Stargazer
The memory of William is one that Rev cherishes. Her father fostered her love for the road, bikes, and fiddling with mechanics. She may not ever show it but it kills her that she never got to see him before he passed.
Rosalia Sophia de Herrerra Rosalia Sophia de Herrerra
Rosalia is the reason Rev is not in her father's life - or so Rev began to feel. Her mother and her have a rocky history even though they leaned on each other to survive. A thief and vagabond, Rosalia taught Rev many of her gifts. The woman passed when she was twenty-four and Rev can't decide if it was good that she's gone or bad. Trouble seems more prevalent without her.
Briar Tully Briar Tully
Great Aunt?
Distant relations have never been something to consider for Rev. But apparently Briar is her great Aunt, her great grandfather Timonthy Stargazer was the brother to Briar's father. Go figure. Coming home would uncover more ties to Mythic Woods.
Thorn Running Wolf Thorn Running Wolf
Family Friend
Thorn's father, though older than Rabid was always around or him. Sadly Rev never got to meet the man but her mother spoke of him. His son Thorn was always welcome at their house and she often saw him at the IB gatherings. Ten years difference meant a lot back then. She doesn't have as much to prove to him and others anymore. Maybe.
Butch Young Butch Young
Family Friend
Rev remembers Butch quite vividly. The Iron Brigade were family and he became her unofficial grandfather. Now she's not certain where she stands.
Lyra Young Lyra Young
Lil Sis
Lyra may be new in Rev's life but the two had something in common, her father. Rabid loved both girls and raised them, giving some of Rev's things to Butch's granddaughter. Now that Rev is back the two are bonding over their late parental figure, Rabid. The girl might just be a little more affectionate than Rev is used to but its too darn endearing to get upset about.


Log Title Summary
(2019-01-04) Milkshakes and Memories Rev takes Lyra to get a bite at an old haunt. The two quickly connect as long-lost sisters over their mutual father-figure.
(2019-01-04) A Prodigal Daughter’s Return Rev returns to Mythic Wood and runs into Lyra, who knew her father well. Together they face the pain of a still too recent passing.
(1997-11-07) Goodbye, Running Wolf The Iron Brigade gives 18-year-old Thorn a proper send-off as he is about to leave to join the Army. 10-year-old Reverie sneaks in to say goodbye.

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