Red Holt
Portrayed by Lance Henriksen
Name: Red Holt
Birthday: June 1, 1960
Origin: Wizard
Role: Law Enforcer
Affiliation: Sheriff's Office
Title: Chief Deputy / Auror
Resources: ●● Comfortable


Red's dark auburn hair may lead some to assume that his name is a nickname of some kind. Neither tall nor short, he stands at 5'10" with an average sort of build; strong, but not particularly muscular. He has aged well for a man of over 50 years. His features are leathery due to too much time in the sun, but not overly so. His hazel eyes glint as sharp as ever. Beneath a long, straight nose, his lips are tight and thin.

He wears a worn leather jacket with a soft, sheep-skin collar — a shiny star bearing the word "Sheriff" is pinned to the breast. Beneath this, he has on a blue, button-up shirt. His jeans are well worn, but not worn-out. He walks softly in well-maintained cowboy boots, and he is rarely seen in public without his signature beige Stetson hat.


Red has grown up almost his entire life in Coos County, though not in Mythic Wood. He grew up on his family's ranch just outside of Powers, a tiny town in the foothills south of Myrtle Point. He was a bit of a wild one in his youth, getting into trouble with the law more times than he'd care to admit, both for mundane and magical reasons. But the loss of his mother to a drunk driver when he was nineteen sobered the young man.


Through all of his troubles, it was ironically an officer of the law that always had faith in him. Sgt. Dale Barnes was a Coos County Sheriff's Deputy. Dale constantly tried to set Red on the straight and narrow. So when Red came to Barnes insisting he wanted to be a police officer, the man did everything in his power to make it happen. Red's dedication to protecting others from the fate his mother suffered eventually led to his position as the Powers Chief of Police, and a position as an Auror for the Coos County area.

Red's attraction to trouble never entirely left him. In 2000 he became embroiled in a scandal when some explicit photographs of him and an ex-girlfriend appeared online. To make matters worse, the girlfriend was none other than Pamela Weatherall, daughter of the mayor of Mythic Wood. Red resigned from his position in disgrace.

Despite the scandal, Red remained popular among those that knew him. After his resignation, he continued a life of service in another way — working with children with disabilities. In time, a newspaper reporter discovered that the photographs of him were actually put online by Pamela herself after a nasty argument between the two.

An exonerated Red was given a job with the Sheriff's Department under his old mentor, the recently elected Sheriff Dale Barnes. Through the influence of MACUSA, he was assigned as Chief Deputy to the one place he would never have chosen for himself: his old flame's hometown, Mythic Wood. His Auror superiors felt that they needed a trusted, seasoned Auror stationed there to keep an eye on the town's unusual level of magical activity.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Sheriff: Red is the face of law and order in Mythic Wood. Everyone knows him.
  • Barfly: Though not a heavy drinker, Red can often be found in his off hours down at Vera's Saloon.
  • Standing Guard: Red has something of a martyr complex, and will place himself between danger and innocence without a moment's hesitation. His only wish is to die knowing that he protected the lives and livelihoods of those under his care.
  • Anachronism: Red should have been born in the Old West. He's a cowboy at heart, and the best kind of White Hat. He is honorable and chivalrous, but also practical in a way that makes him a suitable lawman for an area that prefers its seclusion from the world at large.


Butch Butch
President of the Iron Brigade Motorcycle Club
We've clashed so many times. Sometimes professionally, other times over a couple of beers. I have to hand it to the man. He never takes it personally when we're on opposite sides of a conflict.
Judge Ernie Judge Ernie
Ernie's exactly the kind of man you want around when you're in need of a laugh, or a fair judgement.
George George
The past is in the past. Nothing I can do to change it now. But George has a harder time moving on.
Pamela Pamela
Things with Pam are…well, they're complicated. I should probably hate her for what she did, but I don't see the sense in holding a grudge. The past can't be changed. Not that I'm looking to rekindle things.


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