Raff Hopki
Portrayed by Walton Goggins
Name: Rafford Hopki
Alias: Raff
Birthday: November 10, 1971
Origin: Wizard-born
Role: Criminal
Affiliation: Iron Brigade
Title: Full Patch & Mobile Home Park Manager
Resources: ● Poor


Raff's black hair always looks like he's gotten a fresh haircut using The Flow-Bee! It's always sticking straight up and does nothing to hide his prominent brow that is made all the more so as age has not been kind with a receding hairline.


- Born in Mythic Wood.
- His witch mother died young. Father was a tweaker with a mean streak.
- High School Drop-out.
- Uncle, Mother's older brother, left him the R.V. Park in his will in 1995.
- Turned one of the mobile homes into a drug lab.
- Joined the Iron Brigade, as his Uncle was.
- Met Bunny when she came to him for drugs.
- Was made god-father of Shelly.
- Was beaten nearly to death by Shelly's father.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Drugs: Raff and some lackeys use one of the mobile homes in the park as a drug lab, mostly Meth.
  • Iron Brigade: Raff is a member of the Iron Brigade. Before he lost some cognitive skills when he was nearly beaten to death, Raff acted as the Sergeant of Arms for the Iron Brigade. After the incident, he is now just a runner and protector of a portion of the MC's stash.


Bunny Bunny
Bunny might not be magically adept, but she has a power in making boys feel like men! She also took care of him after the incident. There's no monogamy declared between them. They both enable each other to live the life they choose to live and she makes Raff feel like he hasn't changed from the man he was before he got his beat down. Raff values that. She's also his babies momma!
Casey Casey
Raff has no idea in his damaged lil brain that Casey is not really his daughter. She has mighty useful powers and Raff has every intention of making the most of them.
Shell Shell
Of a sort. Shelly often times plays the part of Bunny for Raff when the real deal is too out of it to do it herself. Like her momma, Shelly has a way of making boys feel like men with just a lil look and wiggle.


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