Penny Booth
Portrayed by Carey Mulligan
Name: Penelope Booth
Alias: Penny
Birthday: May 28, 1987
Origin: Wizard
Role: Teacher
Affiliation: Mythic Wood Schools
Title: School Nurse & ACCEL Teacher
Resources: ●● Comfortable


Penelope "Penny" Booth, known to students as 'Mz. Booth' is in her late twenties with a long pixie cut brown hair, brown eyes, and fair complexion. Standing at 5'7" with a slender physique. Her dimples are more often than not on display as typically her lips are drawn into some form of a smile. A thin upper lip is countered by a fuller bottom lip which creates a lovely warm expression even when her face is at rest. Her nose is blunt and slightly upturned and quite looks like a nose found on an adorable doll.

As for style, she tries to set a good example to her kids at school and thus she prefers modest but cute and playful styles.


Penelope had a rather good childhood. Growing up in a small town was something she really loved. Her father is a logger for Rocklin Lumber and her mother is a computer technician that works from home so she can be the best foster mother she can be. Penny was their only biological child but grew up with dozens of other children that came in and out of their lives, as the Booth Family were the local 'group home'. They weren't poor, but they weren't exactly rich either. They did, however, make enough to be able to support her through her education to become a nurse. When she was in high school she became a student cadet in the Life Skills (special education) classroom. There she met her idol and her best friend. Her best friend was Joanie and her idol was Joan's nurse Shannon. Joanie had spina bifida so Shannon was her assigned nurse. Other complications of Joan had her eating through a tube in her stomach. But Joan was the sweetest girl Penny had ever met and Joan appreciated that Penny would help care for her when Shannon was busy without making her feel like an invalid.

Penny and Joan kept in contact after high school and it was a glowing review from Nurse Shannon that Penny got into one of the best nursing courses available. Her love of teaching and helping had her joining the Education Service District as a nurse, doing exactly what Shannon did. She was assigned to the sweetest little boy, Patrick, that was low functioning autistic, among some other medical problems that needed a nurse's supervision. Over the years her work with him exposed her to the sort of teaching those with disabilities get. She also remembered her own time as a student in the ACCEL Program. Teaching was her second passion next to nursing and caretaking. So when Patrick's Parents moved because his father was transferred Penny decided to take a course to try for teaching credentials.

Penny became a Teacher for the ACCEL Program and does her best to balance teaching and remaining a school nurse. The Healing Arts, and of course mundane medicine are her specialties. Because of her specialties, she is mostly a teacher of Charms and Potions but will fill in when and where she is needed. She is a young teacher and it shows, having an 'I was a student not long ago' connection with the kids. On the weekends she will often help her mother with the foster kids.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • School Nurse: Penny is one of the Nurses on Campus that covers all three of the schools.
  • ACCEL Teacher: If no one is bleeding and needing her nursing skills, Penny pitches in with the ACCEL program. Charms, Transfiguration, and Potions are usually where she helps out.
  • Foster Sister: The Booth Family run a 'group home' for foster kids. Penny tries to be a big sister to every kid that comes through. She also does her best to help her mother out in caring for the kids. Penny lives at home still so she can do just that.


Jon Booth Jon Booth
Hope Booth Hope Booth
Foster Kids Foster Kids
Foster Siblings
Penny helps her mom as much as she can in raising and taking care of any of the foster kids that home to the "Hope House". (Open for Creation)


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