Parker Reed
Portrayed by Alexander Ludwig
Name: Parker Reed
Birthday: October 30, 2003
Origin: Wizard
Role: Student
Affiliation: Rocklin High School
Title: Freshman
Resources: ● Poor


A young man in his early teens, Parker Reed, already has an athletic build. He's been big into sports since he was little and it shows. Platinum blond hair falls in spiky flops down from the crown of his head to bangs that cover his forehead. Pale blonde eyebrows are set into a natural hooded near scowl expression when his face is even at rest.

Very well worn clothes that are usually of the t-shirt and jeans variety are either pretty tight on his growing form or very loose. Never does something seem to fit him just right.


Don Parker was a young man when he met Grace Fairchild a radiant vivacious activist. Don was a city boy, born and raised in New York City. But he also had a great care for making sure that his beloved city did all it could to lessen its carbon footprint on the planet and so he joined Earthchild. He came into a small inheritance at a point where there was an Earthchild gathering in Mythic Wood and Don used his windfall to travel to the gathering. When he arrived he was love struck by the hostess of the gathering, Grace Fairchild. She was a nymph of nature in his eyes and her passion for conservation was contagious. Don didn't return to New York after the festival. He instead married Grace and did his best to adjust to living in such a small town environment, particularly to the level of green living that goes on in Haven. Don never wanted to be a father, he thought because of Grace's age when the married it wouldn't be an issue. So he was quite surprised when Grace told him they were going to have a baby.

On a crisp autumn night, October 30th, just before midnight, Grace Reed gave birth on her own in her cob cottage in Haven to a very healthy and robust baby boy that she named Parker. Parker was raised by his mother in the fundamental ways of the hippie she is. While he got his vaccines and such, he never was taken to the doctor or healers for colds and minor illnesses. His mother's own potions and brews and remedies were always used instead. That said Parker was rarely if ever ill. Since birth, he was a strapping healthy boy. As he grew people found it strange that he was in the ACCEL Program but also was in Special Education as well to help him manage his severe dyslexia. Frustration stemming from his dyslexia was one of the reasons why Parker at a very early age was more physical than academic. His mother and he were poor and before he was ten Parker realized that he was going to need a scholarship if he was going to get out of Mythic Wood when he graduates.

Parker is on the team of nearly every sport available. Football is his favorite sport on the ground. Quod is his favorite Broom Game, Knock'm being a very close second favorite of his. He really wishes that there were sanctioned teams for Quod and Quidditch in the area. Going into High School has brought a sort of pressure to excel that Parker handles by imbibing potions. They help him keep his grades to a passing level so that he can be on the teams. Parker in elementary and middle school was often the captain or some sort of leadership role for the teams. High School is a different ball game. Will he be able to prove himself?

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Jock: Since he was little if there was a local sports team, Parker was on it. Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Football, Golf, Water Polo, Swimming, you name it!
  • Haven: Parker lives with his mother in Haven.
  • Schooling: Parker was born in Mythic Wood so he has attended all three of the local schools.
  • Big Dreams: Parker has plans on becoming a Professional Sportsman, he's not sure which one just yet, but he has dreams of getting drafted and get the hell out of Mythic Wood doing something he loves and can also take care of his Mom.


Grace Reed Grace Reed
She is on the doting side. A bit oblivious that her pride and joy isn't the ray of sunshine she thinks. Which only makes Parker feel more pressure to present the perfect image.
Hope Booth Hope Booth
Aunt Hope has always been loved by the family, but the chasm of difference in lifestyles is felt.


Log Title Summary
(2018-10-19) Friday Night Fights A game night for the Rocklin Ravens turns into a confrontational encounter and a strange night.
(2018-07-04) 4th of July Pool Party The town celebrates Independence Day at the public pool.


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