Pamela Weatherall
Portrayed by Katey Sagal
Name: Pamela Weatherall
Alias: Pam
Birthday: January 19, 1964
Origin: Muggle
Role: Artist
Resources: ● Poor



The Weatherall family dates back to the very first settlers that would eventually found the township of Mythic Wood. They have been a part of the civic infrastructure of the county since the beginning, whether serving in political office, as teachers, on school boards, or as part of community action groups.

Pamela's father, George Weatherall was no exception. He was a Boy Scout — eventually earning the rank of Eagle Scout. He married, Jill, his high school sweetheart and joined the Navy after graduation, then twenty-five years of service under his belt, George retired in 1983 as a Captain. But he was a man of the sea by then, and he bought a fishing boat, hired a crew, and became a new kind of captain. A fisherman for the next fifteen years in 1998 he won a seat on the Mythic Wood town council, and two years later he won an election in a landslide, serving as mayor ever since.

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Jill Weatherall Jill Weatherall
With George being away in the Navy so much, Pam and her mother were very close.
George Weatherall George Weatherall
George wasn't around much when Pam was growing up because of the Navy, and then being the Town Mayor with all its own rules of etiquette wasn't exactly meshing with Pam's free artistic spirit.
Grayson Weatherall Grayson Weatherall
Younger Brother
Pam and Grey's apples fell very far from the tree. Which had them growing up rather close, though the age difference put a damper on being really close.
Red Holt Red Holt
Screwed the pooch on this one. Pam misses him though. Maybe one day he'll forgive her.


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