Nora Vance
Portrayed by Edie McClurg
Name: Nora Vance
Birthday: July 23, 1951
Origin: Muggle
Role: Administrator
Affiliation: Rocklin High School
Title: Principal
Resources: ●● Comfortable



Born in Mythic Wood in 1951, Nora Vance is a local institution. She attended Rocklin High School during her teen years and later returned to become an English teacher, a position she kept from 1975 to 1988. It was then that the Vice Principal job opened up and she was the only one to apply. From 1988 to 1996 she was a very popular Vice Principal, cherubic and saccharin sweet. In 1996 the Principal at the time retired and she rose to the position. While she is considered a bit of a pushover, her Vice Principal more than makes up for it with strictness. They make a very good team. having settled into a "good cop, bad cop" approach with the students.

Story Hooks

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  • Rocklin High Principal: Mrs. Vance is rather a bit of a push-over at times. It's all about education with a big smile. The sort that gives high school students stickers in the hall.
  • Matronly: She's the sort of Principal that's like everyone's cheerful cheek pinching Aunt.
  • Cherubic: To some Nora can be a bit too much of the cheerful happy morning person sort. To others, they love her sweet and chipper nature.
  • Kinda Derpy: So focused on making sure that the high school is a fun place for educating the students she's often looking for the glasses on her face and the pen in her hair above her ear.


Mr. Hakem Stone Mr. Hakem Stone
Vice Principal
Nora met Hakem, then Damien Stone when he was a student at Rocklin High. He was rather poor and Nora was sad that he felt forced to join the military to pay for further education. When he came back and could not find a job, it was Nora that suggested he apply for Vice Principal, he was always such a good boy, now man. She pulled strings and was key in getting Hakem the position of Vice Principal.


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