Mercy Morgan
Portrayed by Taylor Momsen
Name: Mercedes "Mercy" Morgan
Birthday: March 12, 1995
Origin: Wizard-born
Role: Merchant
Affiliation: Mythic Records
Title: Owner
Resources: ●● Comfortable



Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Music Is Life: Mercy's whole world revolves around music. She runs Mythic Records, which deals largely in vinyl LPs, but also some CDs and music memorabilia. She also makes her own hard rock music and distributes it online. She had a small fan following before coming to Mythic Wood in 2017.
  • Religious…Sort Of: Mercy is a LaVeyan Satanist*. She doesn't talk about it often, and when she does her beliefs are often misunderstood. Still, she doesn't mind the controversy, and seems to enjoy pushing people out of their comfort zones.

*The More You Know: If you are unfamiliar with LaVeyan Satanism, it's probably not what you think, and does not involve Devil worship.


Eddie Morgan

Eddie Morgan
(Deceased) Apparently, Eddie was my great-uncle. I never met the guy, but the more I learn about him from his diaries and people that knew him, the more I wish I had. It seems like we had a lot in common. Why didn't he ever come to me when he was alive?


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