Mercy Morgan
Portrayed by Taylor Momsen
Name: Mercedes "Mercy" Morgan
Birthday: March 12, 1995
Origin: Wizard-born
Role: Merchant
Affiliation: Mythic Records
Title: Owner
Resources: ●● Comfortable



Mercedes "Mercy" Morgan was born to a single mother in Portland, Oregon. Her mother, Sandy Barlowe, was a short-order cook with a penchant for cheap booze and unsavory men. She was "pretty sure" that Mercy's father was one of four such men, though she had no contact information for any of them.

Even as a young child, Mercy's relationship with her mother was tumultuous. Sandy was not particularly attentive, and as often as not, young Mercedes was picking her inebriated mother up off the floor or dragging her out of bed in the morning. The revolving door of boyfriends, one-night-stands, and creepy house guests didn't make for a very stable environment.

Mercy only ever liked one of Sandy's men. "Goat" drifted in and out of their lives, and home, several times through the years. He had black hair to his waist, a long goatee, tattoos, and an electric guitar. He would hang out with Mercy and teach her chords, and they'd listen to his vinyl collection on their old record player. He had all the classics: Megadeth, Slayer, Black Sabbath, as well as some old blues and southern rock. Through Goat, Mercy discovered a love of music that had been buried under the landfill of her life.

Nothing lasts forever, and neither would Goat. It was neither his infidelity nor the broken promises that led to Sandy kicking him out. The trigger for the fight that led to Goat's expulsion from the Morgans' lives was the realization that he was a Satanist. Though he tried to explain that it wasn't what she thought, Sandy would hear none of it. She ejected him from the apartment, and most of his belonging from the window. Mercy rescued just one box of Goat's records from her mother's tirade. To her surprise, she found something else tucked into that box—a worn book titled The Satanic Bible, by Anton LaVey. Naturally, Mercy couldn't resist the controversial tome, and was particularly motivated by anger at her mother for kicking out the one guy Mercy actually liked.

It wasn't long after Goat's departure that tensions reached record highs between Sandy and Mercy. They had constant screaming matches, and each slapped the other more times than either could remember. Now and then they'd find peace and play Mother and Daughter for an evening, but it never lasted. At 17 years old, Mercy left home.

It wasn't as easy as Mercy had hoped. None of her friends could take her in. She was homeless, living on the street, eating at soup kitchens, doing things she'd rather forget just to make a few bucks. Things were looking bad until she found an old acoustic guitar someone had thrown out. Thought battered, the only thing truly wrong with it was a broken string. She got a music store to take pity on her and replace the string, and managed to tune the thing. She hadn't really intended to become a busker, but when people heard her strumming and her raspy, soulful voice, they just started tossing money her way.

She didn't make a fortune, but it was enough to put food in her belly. Mercy was eventually approached by a young man who told her his brother's band, Nether, was looking for a vocalist. She auditioned that evening, and the band begged her to join them. So it was that Mercy ended up in a tiny, mold-ridden loft apartment with four other people. Still, there was a certain glamor to the tragedy of it all.

The metal scene in Portland was niche, but metals fans are rabid, even when they are few. With Mercy as their front woman, Nether rocketed to the top of the Portland rock scene. For the first time ever, life was good. Mercy still wasn't exactly rolling in money, but she didn't have to worry where her next meal would come from. She had shelter, food, friends, and a small legion of fans that would probably do just about anything for her. For a few years, Mercy was actually happy. But Mercy forgot that nothing lasts forever.

Mercy knew that her drummer, Slam Boy, had a little drug trade on the side. She justified it to herself that it was just "party pills", and even partook of his wares now and then. But the law did not take such a forgiving view of the situation, and she narrowly escaped arrest when a party was raided. Slam Boy was caught and faced serious jail time.

Mercy's close call gave her a good scare. When an opportunity to get out of town presented itself, she jumped on it. Her father's uncle, whom she had never met, passed away and left everything to her. "Everything" consisted primarily of a failing record store and a house in a little town she'd never heard of. It sounded like as good a place as any to stay out of sight for a while. She intended to squeeze whatever she could out of the record store's remaining inventory, sell the house, and return to Portland with a nice little nest egg after the heat had died down. She never expected to fall in love with her new home.

Something about Mythic Wood was compelling to Mercy. It wasn't like other small towns. It was a strange blend of the past and the present, the traditional and the progressive, the comfortable and the mysterious. Beyond the allure of the town itself was the family history she began to discover in the store and her great uncle's home. She found photographs and diaries that told her more about her father, who apparently also lived there before meeting her mother. Despite her best laid plans, Mythic Wood soon felt more like home than Portland ever had.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Music Is Life: Mercy's whole world revolves around music. She runs Mythic Records, which deals largely in vinyl LPs, but also some CDs and music memorabilia. Even before coming to Mythic Wood, she was the frontwoman for a hard rock band called Nether, and enjoyed a small fan following around Portland and online.
  • Religious…Sort Of: Mercy is a LaVeyan Satanist*. She doesn't talk about it often, and when she does her beliefs are often misunderstood. Still, she doesn't mind the controversy, and seems to enjoy pushing people out of their comfort zones.

*The More You Know: If you are unfamiliar with LaVeyan Satanism, it's probably not what you think, and does not involve Devil worship.


Eddie Morgan Eddie Morgan
Great-Uncle (Deceased)
Apparently, Eddie was my great-uncle. I never met the guy, but the more I learn about him from his diaries and people that knew him, the more I wish I had. It seems like we had a lot in common. Why didn't he ever come to me when he was alive?


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