Mandy Benski
Portrayed by Geraldine James
Name: Mandy Benski
Birthday: July 6, 1950
Origin: Wizard
Role: Tradesman
Affiliation: Mandy B's Boutique
Title: Seamstress & Owner
Resources: ●● Comfortable


These days she's sporting more wrinkles than she can count but they all of them come from a life spent in happiness. Her features are a little sharp, but large sill crystal blue eyes provide her with a depth of spirit that is younger than her apparent years. She's a rather tall woman, slender and looks to have some Scandinavian heritage. Her ash-blonde hair has been left to grow, still thick and full which is often held back in a ponytail. Her fingers are long and deft and years of work have kept them agile.


Mandy was born in California and grew up in the age of freedom and peace. She was a child of love herself, going to sit ins and protests against the injustices of the time. Vietnam should not be! Bring our boys home. She always stood for what she felt was right and her magical blood often allowed her to do more than others.

Foolish in her youth and ideaology she nearly was found out for the witch she was. With a bit of a mess left behind, she spent a great deal of her middling years in Northern California. She settled down, taking on with a local group and learned to spin and weave. Her life continued in that simple existence till its dissolution in the 90's.

Home became something abstract once more and searching for a place where she could live a quiet, happy life alone she found Mythic Wood. It took a bit of work but she ended up buying the old boutique in the mid 90's and has been the proprietor ever since. She loves her work and loves the town. It was at this time the settlement (commune) of Haven drew her attention and those things she missed from her younger years were recovered amongst the Haven Hippies. She found herself a place with them, a room in exchange for her work done for the community. Very active in the events and charities, she is often volunteering at the local soup kitchen and offering free fittings for those who are unable to pay.

Due to her works, she became close with Mayor Weatherall and the two share a deep, respectful friendship that is often seen every Sunday when they take tea together and walk through the downtown in conversation.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Seamstress: She owns Mandy B's Boutique in town. She has a lot of her creations on hand but does custom work as well.
  • California Native: She was born in Southern California. The sunshine state didn't want her after some early choices in her life and she came North.
  • Witch: She is one to those in the know. She can make special occasion items for the witch and wizard with taste.
  • Stories: If you have the time for them she is willing to share about her life.


George Weatherall George Weatherall
The two are so very similar with different life experiences. They mesh so well and from this cultivated a easy friendship. She believes he is the man for the job.
Grace Reed Grace Reed
Grace was a reflection of Mandy's life prior to Mythic Wood and though she owns a shop and is part of the town she spends much of her free time at the settlement, helping out and offering weaving classes. Through the past fifteen years Grace and Mandy have become something akin to sisters.


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