Lyra Young
Portrayed by Willow Shields
Name: Lirabelle "Lyra" Young
Birthday: June 10, 2000
Origin: Wizard
Role: Technician
Affiliation: Eos
Title: Research Fellow - Robotics Lab
Resources: ●● Comfortable


Standing at 5’2” and weighing less than she should, Lyra doesn’t quite look as old as she is. Her vibrant red hair spills in loose waves to her shoulders. Under a thick yet well-shaped set of brows, black eyeliner accentuates her hazel eyes. Her complexion is rather pale with flushes of pink in her cheeks and the tip of her nose. Her full lips shine with a hint of gloss.

The girl’s leather jacket looks a bit large for her small frame. It has a worn out patch of a little white rabbit on its left arm. Under her jacket, she wears a Rolling Stones t-shirt and a pair of faded black skinny-jeans. And of course, she’s never without a sturdy pair of leather boots.


Three weeks after Lyra Young was born, her father died in a motorcycle accident. His death sent her mother on a downward spiral of alcohol and drug abuse that ended in an overdose a few months later. Her grandmother, Evelyn Tilly, took her to live in Haven, and tried to shield her form having any contact with her grandfather, Butch Young – president of the Iron Brigade. This didn’t go over well. Eventually, he and Evelyn came to an understanding that Lyra would grow up sheltered from the criminal aspects of the Iron Brigade but would not be kept from him.

Before Lyra even started school, the local magical authorities became involved in her life when she started hearing the thoughts of those around her. As a rare "natural legilimens", they brought in an expert who taught her to control her power enough to conceal it. It came as no surprise when she was accepted into the ACCEL program. But being a witch threw a wrench into her childhood dream of becoming a mechanic and fixing up bikes for her “uncles” in the Iron Brigade. Her teachers warned that magic tended to interfere with technology. But this just redoubled her determination. Unfortunately, her grandfather wasn’t sanctioned to know about her magic, so she couldn’t explain why things tended to explode when she got frustrated. But the mechanics had a soft spot for the stubborn little grease monkey. They kept her out of trouble with her own little projects and made as much time for her as they could whenever she was around.

Tragedy returned to her life at 13 when her grandmother discovered a lump on her breast. By the time she gave up on homeopathic treatments, it was too late. This time, Butch took her in. It was a hard adjustment for a free spirit like Lyra to live under her grandfather’s roof. But she already knew his strict expectations were just how he showed his love. A year later, her older brother returned home from the armed forces an unstable and broken man. He scared her at first, but in time her compassion won over her fear. She became the one person who could bring him a sense of peace. But his violent episodes got worse, and after one incident put Lyra in the hospital, Michael left. Lyra hopes he found some help wherever he is, but she hasn’t heard from him since.

With as many over-protective “uncles” as she had, dating was impossible. The fact that she didn’t seem to have the healthiest taste in boys didn’t help. But at 15, she met someone brave enough to love her. He was a young cop on the Brigade’s payroll. Thinking to put Butch in his place, he pursued Lyra. But almost at once, she won him over for real. She was too naïve to realize just how much danger he was in. It didn’t last long. After one severe warning was ignored, he disappeared. She wanted to blame the Brigade, but she couldn’t hate them forever. They were her family, and she couldn’t choose them. In time, she realized she should have known better. She hasn’t tried to date anyone since. Instead, she cultivates connections with close female friends that her grandfather overlooks.

Most other kids at school kept their distance because of her rumored criminal connections. No one messed with her, but that fear and avoidance itself hurt. To protect herself, she kept her own distance. But the few who knew her could see past that delicate edge of hers into the bright little spirit that she was. Most of the teachers saw it and Lyra thrived as an excellent student under their guidance. She received strong encouragement to go to Portland for college. But her roots were too deep, and she couldn’t bring herself to leave Mythic Wood. So instead, one of her teachers connected her with a program at Eos that would keep her local while still giving her the education and opportunities a bright pupil like her deserved.

At Eos, she studies and works under a team of mentors in the robotics lab. In her earliest days, she earned a reputation as accident prone with the equipment. Just as her ACCEL teachers had always warned, wizards and technology didn’t combine well. But she was determined to survive in the program. The creation of the OwlNet thanks to the way Cassidy Soldahl's predictive transfer protocol interacts with magic inspired her. She had never quite lost her childhood dream of fixing up bikes for the Iron Brigade. And now she thinks that perhaps if she learns enough at Eos, she might one day find a way to combine magic and mechanics to keep her grandfather and everyone else in the Brigade safe on the road. By now, she seems to have gotten the hang of working full-time with technology.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Child of Haven: Though she left Haven when she was 13, she still has connections with those who lived there when she did - other kids and adults who were close with her Grandmother.
  • Eos Research Fellow: It has been about a year since she started working at Eos. Though she knows people working in the Robotics Lab best, she has started to meet people in other departments.
  • Iron Brigade Royalty: Not only is her Grandfather the club president, but so was her great grandfather. And if her father hadn't died, he would have been the successor. Many of the older members are like uncles to her. But she's definitely not a Sandy. And even now, she is sheltered from most club business. The men know she's off-limits.
  • Math and Science Tutor: In her spare time, Lyra volunteers as a tutor for Math and Science at Walker Middle School. She works both with students who struggle with basics and the gifted pupils eager to tear into something more advanced like Computer Science.

Natural Legilimency

Although the town has a public registry of known Legilimens, Lyra is not on it. Outside a few magical officials privy to her private files, her grandmother was the only to ever know. She tries hard to respect the privacy of others and never uses her power on purpose. But she still finds herself vulnerable to catching the thoughts and feelings of others. There are some who she finds difficult, if not impossible to read, and others who are like an open book to her.

(OOC Note: It is up to the player's discretion to share whatever details they might wish through page or in a pose itself. If Lyra ever uses Legilimency with deliberate effort, we will make the standard +rolls and negotiate what she might discover.)


Butch Young Butch Young
More of a father than a grandfather – he’s strict and a bit over protective, but that’s just how he shows love. She worries about him too. That’s why she wants to learn to combine magic and tech, to make his bike safer on the road. Although running the Iron Brigade keeps him busy, he’s been there when she’s needed him.
Michael Young Michael Young
It’s a shame she never knew him from before he came back from war so broken. He scared her. But she also did everything she could to help him. And in time, she became the one person who could bring out his few, rare smiles. Until he had to leave. She misses him a lot. Maybe one day he’ll return.
Cady Harmon Cady Harmon
Their mothers are sisters - and these two grew up more like sisters than cousins themselves. But when their grandmother died, and Lyra went to live with her grandfather, everything changed. They didn't get to see each other much for years. But lately, they've started to reconnect.
Delaina Harmon Delaina Harmon
When Lyra's grandmother died, her aunt fought hard for custody. But with her grandfathers influence (or leverage) over some of the local judges, there was no chance. Lyra is careful about what she says in front of her aunt, but the two are still close. She's the closest thing Lyra has to a mother, and she appreciates everything she does.


Log Title Summary
(2019-01-04) Milkshakes and Memories Rev takes Lyra to get a bite at an old haunt. The two quickly connect as long-lost sisters over their mutual father-figure.
(2019-01-04) A Prodigal Daughter’s Return Rev returns to Mythic Wood and runs into Lyra, who knew her father well. Together they face the pain of a still too recent passing.
(2018-12-21) Winter Festival Parade The whole town comes out, setting aside rivalries and joining together for the annual parade to celebrate the winter holidays.
(2018-12-09) Of Butterflies and Sheep When Lyra discovers a sketchbook containing a portrait of herself, she finds a new friend in the artist.
(2018-08-10) Working Late Lyra is burning the midnight oil at Eos, and unexpectedly runs into the company founder.

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