Lyra Young
Portrayed by Willow Shields
Name: Lirabelle "Lyra" Young
Birthday: June 11, 1998
Origin: Wizard
Role: Technician
Affiliation: Eos
Title: Mechanics Research Fellow
Resources: ●● Comfortable


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Three weeks after Lyra Young was born, her father died in a motorcycle accident. His death sent her mother on a downward spiral of alcohol and drug abuse that ended in an overdose a few months later. Her grandmother, Evelyn Tilly, took her to live in Haven, and tried to shield her form having any contact with her grandfather, Butch Young – president of the Iron Brigade. This didn’t go over well. Eventually, he and Evelyn came to an understanding that Lyra would grow up sheltered from the criminal aspects of the Iron Brigade but would not be kept from him.

Starting school, Lyra was accepted into the ACCEL program and discovered she was a witch. This threw a wrench into her childhood dream of being a mechanic and fixing up bikes for her “uncles” in the Iron Brigade. Her teachers warned that magic tended to interfere with technology. But this just redoubled her determination. Unfortunately, her grandfather wasn’t sanctioned to know about her magic, so she couldn’t explain why things tended to explode when she got frustrated. But the mechanics had a soft spot for the stubborn little grease monkey. They kept her out of trouble with her own little projects and set aside as much time for her as they could whenever she was around.

Tragedy returned to her life at 13 when her grandmother discovered a lump on her breast. By the time she gave up on homeopathic treatments, it was too late. This time, Butch took her in. It was a hard adjustment for a free spirit like Lyra to live under her grandfather’s roof. But she knew his strict expectations were just how he showed his love. A year later, her older brother returned home from the armed forces an unstable and broken man. He scared her at first, but in time her compassion won over her fear. She became the one person who could bring him a sense of peace. But his violent episodes got worse, and after one incident put Lyra in the hospital, Michael left. Lyra hopes he went to get himself some help, but she hasn’t heard from him since.

With as many over-protective “uncles” as she had, dating was impossible. The fact that she didn’t seem to have the healthiest taste in boys didn’t help. But at 15, she met someone brave enough to love her. [More details coming soon.]

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