Lorenzo Benedetti
Portrayed by Burt Young

Name: Lorenzo Benedetti
Birthday: April 30, 1940
Origin: Blig
Role: Professional
Affiliation: Benny's Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant
Title: Owner, Manager & Delivery Driver
Resources: ●● Comfortable


He was raised with a couple of New Yorkers, (his mother and her brother) and there are several times in a sentence when Lorenzo sounds like he's from the Big Apple.


The Benedetti's came to Oregon on the Oregon Trail, these days there's the family "joke" that their journey is what the computer game is based on as there were 27 Benedetti's in Ohio at the beginning of the trail, by the time they got to the Oregon coast there were only 5 left, a grandmother and 4 children aged 3 - 16. Along the way as their numbers dwindled the grandmother attached herself to one of the other families in the train. Her cooking and ability to turn whatever scraps there were available into delicious food made her a very important figure in the train. Especially to the wealthiest of the families taking the journey, The Rocklins. The Rocklin Family took the remainder of the Benedetti's under their wing and brought them along with to Mythic Wood. There Grandma Benedetti became their cook and the kids did things around the house.

Despite their kindness in taking them in, Grandma B never would give the Rocklin's her recipes. Those were only for the children to learn. This in good part was because Grandma B didn't speak very good English and only the kids who spoke fluent Italian could understand the intricate traditional recipes. The youngest boy of the children grew up in the kitchen helping the elderly Grandma B the most. He went on to serve as the Rocklin's cook and it is from him that Lorenzo's line of the family came from.

By the 1950s when Lorenzo was 10-ish his mother's family was freshly moved from New York. Her brother, Lorenzo's uncle became partners with his father and brought pizza to their family restaurant. Uncle L, who Lorenzo is named for didn't appreciate the small town feel like his sister did and the partnership was amicably severed and he returned back to New York. But his Pizza recipe stayed.

Lorenzeo grew up much like his ancestor did, in the kitchen of Benny's Pizzaria and Italian Restaurant. He was taught the traditional recipes from Grandma B's collection and he respects those recipes and keeps them a secret and won't diverge from them. If someone wants something custom, he'll do it, but they'll never get put on the menu. The Pizza side of the menu, however, he'll get whacky and playful with. He'll put anything on a pizza! There is many a menu item named after a regular that's come up with a strangely delicious combo.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Recipe Vault: Lorenzo will only teach the ancient traditional Benedetti recipes to blood relatives. If someone outside of the family, like a customer, asks him for the recipe he'll give a crazy recipe with "Eye of Newt" or "Dragon Bone Dust".


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