Liam Callahan
Portrayed by Finn Cole
Name: Liam Callahan
Origin: Wizard
Role: Student
Affiliation: Rocklin High School
Title: Junior
Resources: ●● Comfortable



Liam came into this world seven months after the marriage of Karen and Dave Callahan. It was a whirlwind romance, and by the time the passion faded, Karen had given up her job as a software developer, moved far from her own friends and family to Mythic Wood, and was pregnant with Liam. Dave was a good man, but he turned out far more old-fashioned than Karen had expected. They did what they could to make it work, but it didn’t help when Liam turned out to be such a handful. He wore them out with his energy and tantrums, making them prone to their own-short tempers.

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Zoey Zoey
Baby Sister.


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