Lenny Milano
Portrayed by Steve Buscemi
Name: Lenny Milano
Birthday: December 13, 1957
Origin: Muggle
Role: Administrator
Affiliation: The Bachelor Club
Title: Owner & Pimp
Resources: ●● Comfortable


Rail thin with a weaselly forward thrust to his frog-like face, this man is hardly attractive. He's smarmy, through and through, with shrewd ice-blue eyes that seem to miss very little and hot hands that look like they belong on an undertaker. He's not especially tall, topping out somewhere around 5'9". He usually wears some sort of collared shirt and slacks, in an almost slovenly interpretation of "entrepreneurial". There's a gold chain around his neck, gold rings on his fingers, and a gold chain bracelet around his left wrist.


Lenny was born to very strict parents who ran a parish that gave the Westboro Baptist Church a run for their money. From an early age, Lenny, of course, rebelled against this upbringing and reveled in sin and debauchery. He dropped out of High School and married his first cousin just to piss off his parents. That marriage ended in a nasty divorce and Lenny moved away. Then he got married, found the woman didn't fit the "traditional" wifely expectations he was raised with, got divorced, moved on. Ten times this happened over and over again, New York, Miami, Atlantic City, Dallas, Chicago, St. Louis, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Sick of big city women he decided to try a nice quiet small town close to the Oregon Coast. He struck gold there! Barb was a stripper at The Bachelor Club, a seedy strip joint on the outskirts of the small town, owned by her elderly husband. She was so sweet to Lenny; she liked the way he talked to her like she was a "regular girl". Lenny worked at the club as a bartender, and he and Barb had a long-term secret affair.

Finally, Barb became a widow, and soon after she became Lenny's wife. She did what any good wife would do and gave Lenny the business. Barb was the love of Lenny's life and they were very happy in their little dive.

In the spring of 2013, Barb died at the age of 40 from lung cancer. Lenny has been a little lost without her since she was always better handling the girls. He was the disciplinarian, but she was so good with handling things before they got bad he didn't have to discipline the girls much at all. But since she passed away they just seem to push his buttons. Lenny demands the same sort of respect and treatment from the girls that he did from all the other women in his life. To him, a woman must be respectful and obedient. Both of those traits are hard to come by in women these days if he's asked.

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Barb Barb
Late Wife
She was the perfect woman: beautiful, just dumb enough, and obedient. The love of his life, he misses her very much and takes it out on the girls sometimes.
Bunny Bunny
This junky whore does anything for Lenny for some money or drugs or alchohol. She was Barb's best friend though, so Lenny keeps her on the pay roll cause that's what Barb would have wanted.
Shelly Shelly
Waitress & Stripper
Shelly does good business and usually minds herself well enough around Lenny. She's been in this lifestyle since she was born. Her mother, Bunny, was Barb's best friend and co-worker. If she weren't so stupid Lenny might have groomed her to fill in Barb's mother hen role, but yeah, too young, too stupid.


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