Kendra Lee
Portrayed by Asta Young
Name: Kendra Susu Lee
Birthday: July 19, 1996
Origin: Wizard
Role: Service Worker
Affiliation: Vera's Saloon
Title: Waitress
Resources: ● Poor


Standing at just four feet and five inches, this young woman is often mistaken for a child at first. Closer inspection, however, reveals a more mature figure and facial features. Her long, straight, nearly-black hair reaches her waist. Lightly yellow-bronze skin glows when she smiles, which is often. Her almond-shaped eyes are as dark as her hair.

Kendra favors denim shorts and tank-tops, showing off her figure when the weather allows for it. In colder months she wears jeans and covers up with hoodies and sweaters.


Sandra Zhengyu was a witch living in Oakland, California. She worked in the San Francisco MACUSA office as a simple file clerk. Casting organizational charms all day long was monotonous and tedious work. Her greatest joy each day was her lunchtime walk through Golden Gate Park, where she would feed the birds and watch the locals practicing tai chi. It was during one of these walks that she met Martin.

Martin Huang Lee was a young muggle man living in San Francisco. He was putting himself through college working as a bicycle messenger. His routes would often take him through Golden Gate Park, and one day such a route would change his life. It was the strangest thing when what looked like a file folder came soaring through the air, seeming to take a sharp left turn right in front of Martin as he sped along on his bicycle. Startled, he swerved and narrowly missed colliding with a young woman, but ended up careening into a tree instead. The woman, Sandra, came to his aid, apologizing profusely and scolding the folder…which was hovering in mid-air over her shoulder! He was certain he must have a concussion when he saw Sandra tap the folder with an ornate wooden stick, sending it soaring back up into the sky and out of sight.

Sandra went with Martin to the hospital and stayed by his side, doting upon him. She felt guilty, as it was her botched charm that caused the file folder to seek her out in the park. Martin was endeared by her attempts to care for him, and before he was discharged, he asked her out for coffee. It was the first of many dates to come; the chemistry was undeniable. They dated through the remainder of Martin's time at university. When he graduated and secured a lucrative position as a network technician, he asked Sandra to marry him and she accepted.

Sharing Cultures

Joining the Lee family was a learning experience for Sandra. Though she was of Chinese ancestry, she was not raised in Chinese culture the way Martin was. There was a lot to learn, but she was eager to please them and discover more about her own heritage.

Sandra wanted to share much of her own culture with Martin, as well. He remained unaware that she was a witch, but after their nuptials were complete, she obtained permission to bring her husband into the wizarding world. Martin had always known there was something a little strange about his beloved and her friends, but he was not entirely prepared for actual magic. At least now he knew he hadn't hallucinated that floating file folder in the park.

The Littlest Lee

Less than a year after they wed, the Lees discovered they were expecting. Kendra Susu Lee was a small baby, but healthy. It would not become evident for several years that she was born with a form of dwarfism. At first it did not affect her life much, but as she got older and her small size became more apparent, Kendra began to face some teasing at school. It was difficult at first, but things changed when she turned 11 and began attending Winchester School of Mystery and Magic. The bullying at Winchester was minimal, and mostly she just had to correct people that assumed she had goblin blood.

Kendra was a fair witch. She was not remarkably talented in any one area of magic, though she did develop an affinity for charms that helped her to overcome her small stature, such as Levitation Charms and Summoning Spells.

Relocating to Mythic Wood

In the summer of 2013, just before Kendra's final year at Winchester, Martin accepted a position with a fledgeling tech company in Oregon, where he would be leading a team building some fancy network devices…in a garage. Apparently some genius computer geek named Soleil Cassidy had developed some incredible new tech and wanted to set up shop in her sleepy little hometown in the woods. The strange thing was that this town, Mythic Wood, apparently had its own tiny little school of magic. Kendra was not happy that she would be missing her last year at Winchester, but the decision was out of her hands.

Mythic Wood was not quite what any of the Lees expected. Kendra braced herself for the torment of a "normal" high school experience as she began classes at Rocklin High, but she felt surprisingly welcome and at home there, and soon her natural brightness and cheer shone through. While there was some teasing over her being little, she kept her sense of humor about it, which deflected most of the bullies. She even ended up dating one of them for a weeks before dropping him for being boring.

Kendra thought she would hate Mythic Wood, but she made some great friends there and by the time she graduated, it was home. She particularly loved how closely the muggles and wizards lived, given that she came from a mixed household herself. For a time, she helped her mother out with her small owl-order service, selling magical nail polishes Sandra made herself. Once she was old enough, Kendra got a job at Vera's Saloon, where she has become a local fixture.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Dwarfism: Kendra is just 4'5" tall. She knows her small size will always draw attention, and she has learned to enjoy it. Though some may tease or even bully, she seldom lets it get to her. She likes being tiny and will frequently be the first to make a joke about it.
  • Local Waitress: Kendra is pretty well known for waitressing at Vera's. She also occasionally picks up some hours at the Bachelor's Club to make extra money. Lenny has tried several times to get her on stage, but she always refuses him.


Vera Strauss Vera Strauss
Vera is like the coolest chick ever. She takes no bullshit from anyone. She's pretty much my role model!


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