Kelby Knight
Portrayed by Emilia Clarke
Name: Kelby Rose Knight
Birthday: June 28, 1989
Origin: Wizard
Role: Administrator
Affiliation: Elkhorn Winery
Title: Event Coordinator
Resources: ●●●● Affluent


Even with age the young woman appears youthful with full round cheeks set upon cream skin. Soft green eyes are large, set off by thick lashes. Full lips oft in a smile give her a pixish appearance when she offers a grin. Rich brown hair falls down to her mid-back, nearly her waist and is restrained at the nape of her neck. She is just shy of average height, giving her more of a petite countenance.

She wears something simple and understated with a charm all its own. A floral top with jean capris and a pair of flats. It's always the small things that set it off and around her neck rests a brass key on a chain, letting it dangle just past her collarbone.


Born in the dawn of the 90's to Rupert Knight and his wife Audra Knight, Kelby was blessed with a rich wizarding family with extensive history. Somewhere in the distant past her ancestors briefly mixed blood with the locals but that has since woven its way out as to no leave a noticeable physical marker in the current generation. The Vineyard has been in the family for generations, one of the older establishments it was turned into a successful business beneath her grandfather who refined their process of making wine and thusly handed to her father who began the fermenting of elderberry wine - now a favorite.

With this to look forward to, Kelby grew up locally, attending the public schools and having an extensive family holding to explore and become accustomed to. She was a girl of quiet contemplation but given to warm congenialty that usually won her over with most. But where she had land to run around it was never enough, and she plastered her walls with foreign places, clipping bits from her National Geographics and attempting her hand at photography - amateur as she may remain. Things of interest she took photos of appeared on her walls on occasion.

It was in High School that she found a further niche for herself in her family abilities. Most Knight's have an affinity for Potion making which also lends itself to well to the current family business. Though she may have found herself in trouble for it, she used to brew small potions for her peers on a very case by case basis.

Her need to travel found her at the Washington State University where she studied business and economics, hoping to go on to graduate with a degree in international economics. This could and hopefully would take her on to bigger and grander things. During her undergraduate degree she had met a mighty fine muggle while at school and the two had gotten so serious over the years Kelby came home one week with a ring on her finger and other half in tow - engaged she was.

But not for long. Perhaps something weird happened, or father warned him off, either way Kelby ended up without a fiance. That summer after graduation, amidst her melancholy she decided to stay and her father was more than glad to hand her a position. As the new event coordinator she poured herself into her work and let the dreams of travel flit away, exchanging it for overseeing beautiful weddings and more.

A few years later and nothing has changed.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Local: Born and raised in the small town, you could have gone to school with her.
  • Knight: She is a Knight, her family owns Elkorn Vineyards.
  • Event Coordinator: Have a special event you want hosted at the Vineywards - she's your woman.
  • Potion Affinity: Not only are the Knight's known for their wine but their potions as well.
  • College in Seattle: She went away to college and ended up spending six years.
  • Dreams to Travel: Fate has returned her home but Kelby has far spread aspirations beyond her sleepy home.


Rupert Knight Rupert Knight
A shrewd business man and charmer, Kelby's father is the rare silver tongued sort. It goes well with his business and other ventures he may dabble in. Some of that same charisma has rubbed off on her. They butt heads on a lot of things including her life.
Audra Knight Audra Knight
She is the devoted wife and mother, with her own schedule to keep. Now that her children are grown, she's often off at the club or traveling with friends.
Cameron Walker Cameron Walker
She associates her childhood with Cameron. All the good parts of it where she was free and full of adventures still. But after all the twists, turns, and heartbreak in her life Kelby has found that sometimes the more simple things count in life - like friendship. Cameron Walker offers more adventures than she had ever dreamed. Its about time she accepted what was right in front of her all along.
Fjord Knudsen Fjord Knudsen
Ex High School Sweetheart
Fjord is not a typical high school sweetheart and his place was hard won in getting to date Kelby who was a stubborn single girl for the longest time. But for the last half of her high school years she was his girl. Some say it was merely her rebelling against her father's strict codes and expectations but Kelby would say otherwise. Fjord was adventurous and spontaneous and he made her feel like there as more to life than the Winery and her family. But things got too real too fast and life took them separate ways after High School.


Log Title Summary
(2018-12-21) Winter Festival Parade The whole town comes out, setting aside rivalries and joining together for the annual parade to celebrate the winter holidays.

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