Kah Wuhl
Portrayed by Hobbit Oggress (Edited by BooBear)
Name: Kah Wuhl the Basket Woman
Birthday: November 1, 1518
Origin: Wizard
Role: Outdoorsman
Affiliation: Legends of Mythic Wood Valley
Title: Basket Ogress
Resources: X Destitute


A giant of a woman at ten feet tall with a broad and circular face that looks a bit like someone smacked her with a frying pan. Ogres are of a relation to Ghouls found in Europe and the UK, just without the slimy quality to their flesh. This Ogress has thick leathery skin and dark eyes and lips. Her teeth are snaggletoothed and look like they could still crunch through human bone. Which is exactly what Kah Wuhl's people are known for doing in the legends of the local natives.

Hides and leather cover her wide girthy body and furs and leather are used to wrap her long double braids that usually hang over her large and saggy chest. Always on her back unless sleeping is a massive basket that can fit a few human children in it on a good haul.


Humans to Ogres are simply like cows are to humans, foodstock. But in truth, Humans are the Kobe Beef to Orgres, a fine delicacy to enjoy. Much like all delicacies, they are rarely to never had in a Basket Ogres life. It's not how it used to be when children could be scooped up by the handfuls and be carried away to a cave and gobbled up before anyone would notice. Amber Alerts be a cursed thing to modern Basket Ogresses.

This branch of the Ogre family is very long-lived. They are solitary creatures for nearly all 500 years of their lives until they have a baby and take care of that baby for a few years before passing away, leaving it's home, knowledge, and belongings to the young Basket Ogress. Basket Ogresses in their infancy require special care and diet.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Mythic Valley Legend: Especially among the local natives the Basket Woman is a legend and the boogeyman story they have all grown up with.


Ehk Ehk
The future.


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Fullbody Image Art by: Larry MacDougall
Photomanip: Hobbit Ogress edited by BooBear

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