Jonah Peterson
Portrayed by Christopher Walken
Name: Reverend Jonah Peterson
Birthday: March 31, 1943
Origin: Muggle
Role: Clergy
Affiliation: First Church of the Holy Revelation
Title: Reverend
Resources: ● Poor


Ask a dozen people to describe Reverend Jonah Peterson and they're likely to give a dozen different answers. Some will say he is grandfatherly and warm, others might say "scary beyond all reason". He has many faces, and each person seems to perceive him according to the feelings in their own hearts. His parishioners find him equally inspiring and intimidating, one well suited to putting the true fear of God into their hearts. He stands solidly at exactly six feet in height. His elderly features are careworn and chiseled through years of grim contemplation and righteous proselytizing. His short, gray hair still shows some vestiges of the brown locks of his youth.

Jonah favors a crisp black shirt, buttoned all the way to his neck. It tucks into a pair of similarly black pants. This manner of attired suits him well as both casual dress and clerical vestments. Around his left wrist, he wears a shiny silver watch.


Reverend Jonah is not a native of Mythic Wood, nor even of Oregon. He hasn't spoken much of his life before coming to the little town, in spite of living there for over thirty years. All that can be said for sure is that he came from the east coast, probably New York, and apparently had a wife that passed away.

When he first appeared in Myrtle Valley in 1981, it was a new appointment as a minister of the Mythic Wood Presbyterian Church. He proved to be adept at firing up the congregation. He could deliver inspiring speeches to lift their spirits, condemnations of corruption that fueled their righteous anger, and his sense of humor frequently had them laughing. He regularly organized charity drives and social programs to benefit the town, quickly rising to become a pillar of the community.

In time, Reverend Jonah became the only minister of the little church, which thrived under his charisma and dedication. Other churches even had to close their doors as his flock grew. Such was his influence that his opinion could sway local elections and affect public policy. But he remained humble, rarely flexing such power unless there was a genuine public outcry.

Tragedy struck in 2009. The darkness and serenity of the early morning were shattered as the Presbyterian Church erupted into flames. No fire alarm sounded, so by the time the Fire Department arrived, the building was engulfed. The Fire Marshal concluded that the alarms had been tampered with, and the fire was ruled arson. An investigation led to the arrest of a mentally ill vagrant that had been allowed to sleep in the church for a few nights.

Reverend Jonah was badly injured in the fire, suffering severe burns and smoke inhalation. Many members of his congregation visited him in the hospital, and soon he was holding services there, first from his hospital bed and later the chapel. His flock even grew as other patients were touched by his words. His story was picked up by the local newspaper, and it struck a chord with the town. Donations came pouring in to build a new church.

One year after the devastating fire, a new church opened its doors on the site of the old one. Reverend Jonah restructured the church into the First Church of the Holy Revelation, which would welcome Christians of any denomination. Jonah explained the change as the will of God, claiming that during his time in the hospital, the Lord spoke to him and showed him a new, more inclusive and accepting path. He insisted that this was necessary to bolster the strength of God's flock to face dark times ahead. Just what he means by that remains a mystery, but one that he insists God will reveal at the appointed time.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Charitable: The old preacher never turns away someone in need. He will go out of his way and make personal sacrifices for the benefit of a stranger.
  • Never Forgets A Face: Jonah has an excellent memory for faces and names.
  • Caffeine Addict: He drinks a minimum of six cups of coffee a day.
  • Spiritual Leader: Jonah is one of the leading sources of spiritual comfort and guidance in Mythic Wood.


George George
Mayor of Mythic Wood
The most prominent of Jonah's parishioners is the mayor himself, George Weatherall. The two men work together frequently when it comes to civic projects.
Grace Grace
Leader of Earthchild
It's no great secret that Grace and Jonah aren't exactly friends. While Jonah never has a bad word to say directly about his greatest critic, many of his sermons seem to denounce the activities engaged in by Grace and those like her in Haven.



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