Jeb MacIasgair
Portrayed by Nick Nolte
Name: Jeb MacIasgair
Birthday: February 8, 1941
Origin: Wizard
Role: Outdoorsman
Affiliation: Mythic Wood Bait Shop
Title: Shop Owner
Resources: ●● Comfortable


The man cuts a solid figure, a bit on the heavier side but much of it is years of working muscle. His skin is tanned and reddened by wind and brine and carries its own spots and wear beyond that. Eyes have narrowed and become smaller with age and a full face and pinched nose give him a rather jolly if gruff look. His hair, once tight ginger curls are run through with white and a smattering of grey and white to match the full white of his whiskers along jaw and lip ridge. Despite his age, the man still has the feel of hard work about him.

Often in a plaid button-down, its paired with a set if suspenders in simple navy and a pair of well-worn jeans that sit a bit lower on his hips due to his slight stomach. Heavy work boots are scuffed and dirty while being still functional.


The MacIasgair's are fisherfolk. It's even in the name, as Iasgair (pronounced: ees-gurr) means "fisherman" in Scots Gaelic. Jeb's ancestors came from the Isle of Skye on the west coast of Scotland. But Jeb's great-great-grandfather grew tired of the cold scotch waters and he left Scotland to traverse the warmer waters of the new world with the Hudson's Bay Trading Company, L.P. that took him all the way to the Pacific and into a little-undiscovered bay in the Oregon coast later known as Coos Bay. He was one of the many sailors that enjoyed the simple ways of the local natives, including marriage customs. Though while the other men treated the native women and their bride price more like the whores back home, Angus MacIasgair took it more seriously. The fact that his native bride was an unparalleled beauty that taught Angus about the tricks of fishing the coast and rivers of his new home.

Angus was killed in the war but the rest of his family was protected and safe in Mythic Wood. There is where Jeb's family stayed and it's common knowledge that no one outside of the reservation knows the waterways like the MacIasgair's.\n\nA few generation's later Jeb is the patriarch of the MacIasgair family. Over the years even when fishing was thin, somehow, as if by magic, the MacIasgair would still have a full haul. But independent fishing is dying and Jeb is not going quietly into the night. He's always been a town character but the older he gets the more animated and anachronistic he gets. He is called Pop-eye and or Captain Bird's Eye because he looks like the fisherman on the box of the well-known fish fingers. Like his ancestors, his magic focuses on aiding his wilderness survival and fishing. He has never gone outside of Mythic Wood at least on land, he's been all over the place by water, however. Stephanie Longhouse was the girl next door, literally. She was the only one that really knew Jeb. Maybe it was because she was a witch too and didn't mind that Jeb was something out of Moby Dick. They got married young and started a family right away. When their children were grown and giving them grandkids did a boating accident take Stephanie's life as well as Jeb's daughter in law. A big storm flipped their ship. Jeb and his boys were up on deck and were thrown from the boat, while the ladies who were making dinner were caught in the capsized boat and drowned. This event marks when Jeb went from town excentric to beloved town crazy drunk.

He's the guy in the bar telling high tales, smoking a pipe and sloshing around his drink in its mug as he does so. He has a lot of opinions on why the good old days were better and conspiracy theories on why his loved trade is in such a decline. But the fact still remains that Jeb is a master fisherman and outdoorsman and has boundless information and knowledge to share if asked.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Drunk: Jeb is a colorful character that is a solid gold comedy when he has had a few. He is always sober when he's on the water, but when he's off the clock on dry land he claims the only way.
  • Fisherman: Jeb is an outdoorsman that is hands down the best fisherman in the area.


Ernest MacIasgair Ernest MacIasgair
Even though their way of life is being strangled by modern apathy and big company fishing, Jeb is proud that at least his son holds to the old ways as Jeb does. The apple has not fallen far and that is something Jeb takes extreme pride in.
George Weatherall George Weatherall
Mayor & Competition
George has been the captain of his own fishing boat and Jeb and him have had quite the rivalry. Mostly good natured.


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