Hope Booth
Portrayed by Betty White
Name: Hope Booth
Birthday: January 11, 1949
Origin: Wizard-born
Role: Homemaker
Affiliation: Mythic Wood Foster Care
Title: Foster Mother & Computer Technician
Resources: ●● Comfortable


There is a vibrant youthfulness reflected in her blue eyes. The woman obviously in her elder years she has managed to stave off certain changes that come with age. Her round face is oft pulled into a wide smile, with charming dimples to add to the flare.

She is well put together with her blonde hair just beginning to really turn to a white and carefully curled in its short ear-length cut. Tastefully colored with makeup she presents an exuberant woman. Her taste leans towards colorfully tasteful. She wears an undershirt with an open jacket with vibrant caricature designs and colors. A pair of nice slacks and a pair of flats completes her ensembles.


Born on the first in recorded history day of snow in Los Angeles, California. Her warlock grandfather now says that it should have been a sign to him that Victoria Voge was going to be a magicless Wizard-Born. Despite his strong feelings about this, Victoria's parents were very loving and tried to give her the most magical of upbringings. Travel and adventure filled with virtue and sacrifices for good causes indeed gave Victoria quite the childhood. Her family all changed their names when they joined the hippie movement. Victor became Rainbow, Jessica became Destiny and Victory became Hope. Fairchild became their surname of choice, putting a final permanent wedge between them and Grandpa Voge.

During the Vietnam war, her parents did all they could in protest of it, to the point of illegally housing draft dodgers in unplottable houses. The refugees never knew they were under magical protection, but that didn't stop her parents from being imprisoned on and off again, sometimes one at a time, other times in unison. These times when they were both put away, Hope went into the system and it was then that she learned about the foster care system and all of its pros and cons. Just after the war, the Fairchilds had gathered quite the traveling commune around them. It's forgotten to time who exactly heard about the Rocklin Lumber Mill cutting down big beautiful trees in Oregon but they traveled cross country with dreams of saving trees and changing minds.

After long months of chaining herself to trees and participating in peaceful protests did Hope's life change in a few minutes of time. There was a landslide and a handsome young logger saved her life. She married, Jon Booth, that handsome logger several months after the incident and they've not been apart since. Getting pregnant proved to be hard for Hope to do so she focused on gaining an education in computers and then in becoming a foster parent and turning their home into a group home for children in need. It was quite the happy surprise when Hope discovered on the cusp of turning 40 that she was pregnant. After Penny's birth Hope set aside her profession in computers to focus more on motherhood, both to Penny and the foster children. Penny is all grown now, and she helps with the foster kids. So now in Hope's silver years, she finds herself once again, able and wanting to explore the world of computers and the internet.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Computer Tech: Despite appearances Hope is very up to date on computer tech and IT Support. She knows her way around computers and the internet just like a millennial. It has made her a bit of a celebrity in town. Everyone loves a don't judge a book by its cover story.
  • Logger's Wife: Hope might have been and still is if you ask her, a Hippie with a capital H. She fell in love with a logger and has been a part of the Logger Community since her teens. If there's an accident Hope is in the lead to gather together the community to start taking care of what needs to be done.
  • Foster Care: If there is a child in need of shelter Hope doesn't care about age, race, religion, none of that! The child will have a place in her and Jon's home. The Booth House has long been a Group Home of solid and warm repute.


Jon Booth Jon Booth
(Muggle.) Since the day he came ripping into her tent to rescue her form a landslide he has been Hope's everything. He truly is her soulmate. There is something very special between them. They managed to have a Romeo and Juliet story that actually has had a happy ending.
Penny Booth Penny Booth
(Witch.) The magic that ran through Hope's veins, but just didn't manifest was still strong enough that her own child, Pretty Penny has grown into such a wonderful witch. She helps Hope with the foster children, a magnificent sister to them all. Penny is also a nurse at the schools, not to mention she also teaches in the ACCEL program. Hope is so very proud, but a bit worried all of this has kept Penny from having a family of her own. Hope wouldn't mind having grandchildren to dote on!
Grace Reed Grace Reed
Little Sister
(Witch.) Grace is most likely Hope's full sister, but there is a chance, that no one really cares about, that she may be only Hope's half-sister. Grace was the first baby born in the Haven commune. Hope was there for the birth, helping best as she could. The age difference and the fact that Hope lived in town while her sister was raised in the commune has them a bit distant. There is admittedly a tiny tiny tiny bit of jealousy that Grace did grow to exhibit magical abilities.


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