Hakem Stone
Portrayed by Harry Lennix
Name: Hakem Stone
Birthday: September 6, 1972
Origin: Wizard-born
Role: Administrator
Affiliation: Rocklin High School
Title: Vice Principal
Resources: ● Poor


Physically imposing, the man is meant to lead from his broad shoulders to the impressive cleft chin. He stands tall, well over six foot and commands the attention of a room when he speaks. His shorn dark hair is kept close and hard lines along the edges add to his no-nonsense attitude. His face is broad and eyes large but hard set with a steely brow atop. His mocha skin is considerably darker around his deep brown eyes giving him an even more firm gaze.

His suits are not tailored specifically but they fit him well. Oft in a grey pinstripe it pairs well with a light blue button down. His tie in a deep burgundy drawing attention to his barrel chest. A matching set of trousers terminate in a pair of immaculately kept shiny black dress shoes.


The Stone family has a history that extends beyond the Wild West and American borders. All the way back to Africa. But it is then that this story begins in earnest. Damien's ancestors arrived by slave boat and were put to work on the plantations in the New Orleans area. The family was scattered as was an unfortunate and common occurrence then. In the early 1800s the invention of the railroad changed the life of one Stone. His master put him in charge of creating a small railway on his plantation. The work was gratifying and his ancestor took to it like a duck to water. His master was surprised and pleased by this. When the master died during the Civil War his ancestor fled and his son and grandson and so on worked for this rail company and laid track. Gradually they got different jobs, luggage clerk, and/or engineer. Over the generations the tracks zig-zagged across the U.S. and there's a Stone descendant in nearly every major railroad hub town or city. Before the highway there was a rail spur that went through the tunnel and right to the lumber mill. That's when the first Stone settled in Mythic Wood. When the railroad went out of style the Stone at the time turned to the lumber trade. They laid many of the tracks and trails that still can be found in the hills that the loggers used to ease the transport of the massive trees.

Damien's father, Isaiah was an MACUSA Forestry Ranger and his mother, Tisha worked as a teacher in the ACCEL Program. Both of them were muggle-born and they met and fell for each other in the ACCEL Program. Damien Isaac Stone was born September 6, 1972. In 1990 Damien graduated from Rocklin High School in Mythic Wood, Oregon. Because of his lack of powers, his parents and his lack of wealth Damien decided to join the Army to better further his higher education. He was stationed in Baghdad when he met the love of his life. Farrah Jaffer. It was her laugh that first caught his attention. She was a nurse in the hospital a comrade-in-arms was recovering in. It took 3 years to prove himself to Farrah and her super traditional family. Including converting to Islam something he might have done anyways. He took the name Hakem and it among other shows of respect and devotion won the Jaffer family over enough that they were finally wed.

It was no cake walk for them, but for 11 years they could say that they were happy. When the world went to hell September 11th 2001 things got much much worse. Hakem and his wife and their 4 year old daughter along with Farrah's entire family were suddenly looked upon like the enemy. Farrah would take Leyla to work with her to keep her safe, because who would bomb a Hospital? This proved to be an idealistic and foolish idea. In 2003, Hakem lost his wife and child in an air strike and the looting that followed. By that time, most of his in-laws and army friends were also dead or gone, so there was nothing left for him in Baghdad. When the time came, he mustered out and was very honorably discharged.

In the earlier days in Baghdad Damien enjoyed doing what he could to teach English to some kids - mostly girls at the school he helped build with his Corp of Engineers. So when he could not find much work in his hometown as an engineer (more qualified engineers were already in place) he was intrigued and grateful when his old vice principal, Nora Vance, pulled some big strings to arrange that he succeed her as Vice Principal at Rocklin High School. Hakem does his absolute best to make sure that discipline is maintained at the school. He is nicknamed "Sarge" because he has a bit of a drill sergeant reputation among the troublemaker crowd. But there's also a lot of respect in that name as well. The graduation rate has vastly increased since he took that job. He is known to bend over backward to arrange scholarships for deserving kids. While it made him someone he's proud of, Hakem would rather kids not be forced to join the military to better themselves. That said he also is one of the first people a student interested in joining up goes to.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Philanthropist: Being a Vice Principal pays better than a teaching position. However. many of the funds that Hakem helps kids get scholarships through receive donations from the man himself. He also is known to happily go out of his own pocket if a classroom needs something and there's red tape to go through.


Isaiah Damien Stone Isaiah Damien Stone
Hakem inherited much of his father's sense of hard work, justice, and stern compassion. There was a bit of distance between Isaiah and Hakem when Damien left for the Army and came back Hakem. But they both know there's no love lost, it's just an uncertainty of what it all means for them. His father affectionately called Damien the runt of the litter, because he never showed magical ability. It was always affectionate, Damian knows that it's why Damien never let it show that he didn't like being called it.
Tisha Stone Tisha Stone
It was with his mother that Damien felt the acuteness of not being capable of magic. Her whole life was about the care and education of magical children and he just would never be wholly within that world. She loved Damien greatly, and he fiercely loves his momma. But there was just a chasm filled with inabilities and lack of common interests and ground between them.
Nora Vance Nora Vance
Nora, Mrs. Vance was the Vice Principal at Rocklin when Damien went there. Truth be told he found her perkiness very annoying. But he was too polite and respectful to let it show. He never thought that she would become one of his strongest allies. She never even batted an eye when he returned as many others did. She heard he was out of work and she got him a job, her old job.


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