Grayson Weatherall
Portrayed by Norman Reedus
Name: Grayson Weatherall
Alias: Coyote
Birthday: January 6, 1974
Origin: Muggle
Role: Criminal
Affiliation: Iron Brigade
Title: Full Patch
Resources: ●● Comfortable


While a height of 5'10" doesn't leave him standing much taller than most men, Grayson Weatherall's build makes up for that. It carries more strength than what might be let on at first. His hair, a shade of russet, is worn a bit shaggy. Often narrowed or obscured, it isn't always very easy to tell that his eyes are actually a deep blue, but dark like the night ice on a frozen lake. More prominently, Grayson's sharp nose and high cheekbones account for much of the hardened and dangerous look he's got to him. It's been a good bit since he's shaved, it seems, and bristles a shade lighter than the rest of his hair have taken over his jaw, but they gather more thickly around his mouth than across his cheeks.

He embraces a typical biker look with a black leather jacket over a simple gray t-shirt. His belt buckle might be the most ornate thing on him — tarnished brass and forged in the image of two old Colt revolvers crossing barrels over a hand of playing cards showing a royal flush. This holds up his faded jeans, patched and threadbare in many places. They cover a lot of the sharp-toed boots he wears, mostly abused leather but banded in places by the hide of a western diamondback rattlesnake.


Grayson Weatherall was once the apple of his father's eye. His first and only son. Heir to his legacy. George had such plans for his boy. But Grayson had a difficult time following in his father's footsteps with George serving on Naval vessels all over the world. Lacking a father figure in his life, Grayson didn't develop a strong sense of discipline early on, which showed in his schoolwork and a disregard for authority.

By the time his father retired from the Navy, Grayson was fourteen years old, and a classic rebellion case, drinking, smoking, and going out with different girls every week. George's attempts at military-style discipline only drove a deeper wedge between them. Grayson figured out that to get out from under his father's thumb he would need to make something of himself. He managed to pull his grades up enough to get accepted to Humboldt University.

After two years of college, Grayson dropped out to enroll in flight school. That lasted three months before he joined a church group going to Mexico to build houses. The next time he set foot in the States was five months later as a "coyote", smuggling Mexicans over the border. He stuck with that for almost three years, but fled after taking a bullet from the Border Patrol. He turned up a year later in Tennessee pursuing a lifelong dream of racing motorcycles. That lasted for two more years until a bad crash in 1993 left him in a coma.

During his coma Grayson was transferred to Valley Hospital at his father's request. Blessedly, it only lasted a few weeks, but his injuries meant that he wasn't going anywhere for some time. The accident had sobered him a bit, and he and his father managed to find some semblance of peace. They never became especially close, but the shouting matches had dwindled to the occasional heated arguments.

Grayson worked a variety of jobs over the years. He got his thrills from occasionally participating in the mud drags at the Coos Bay Speedway. Overall he was stable…until his mother died. In 2001 she was diagnosed with cancer, and over the next few years her health steadily declined. In 2004 she died, Grayson took it hard. He drowned himself in whatever bottles he could get his hands on. This time his father simply made sure his son had a roof over his head.

Eventually he got back to work, taking a job slinging pumps at the gas station. One fateful day, Butch Young rolled his hog into the station to fill up. The two men struck up a casual conversation, and Butch complained about a performance issue he was having with his motorcycle. It turned out that Grayson had seen something similar during his racing days, and suggested a fix. The next day, Butch invited Grayson to Vera's for a beer to thank him. One beer turned into many, and the two men spent the evening sharing tales about their colorful lives. By the end of the week, the Iron Brigade had a new Prospect.

Since then, Grayson has become a fully patched member of the IBMC, and one of its rising stars. Butch seems to trust the man, which elevates him in the eyes of his comrades. Butch has been particularly reliant on Grayson since his grandson's disappearance in 2015, and there are rumors that Butch may be grooming him for a future leadership role. Whether it's true, or whether Grayson will rise to the occasion, remains to be seen.

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George Weatherall George Weatherall
Everyone just loves George. That's because they don't see the George I know. All he cares about is being up on his pedestal, barking orders and watching the little people dance for him.
Jill Weatherall Jill Weatherall
She raised me. She did her best. She was there when George wasn't. I left to get away, but I left her to be miserable an' alone with him, too. Now she's gone, an' I'll never be able to make it up to her. I guess all have somethin' to pray for.
Pamela Weatherall Pamela Weatherall
Big Sister
I've never felt particularly close to Pam, but she's alright. At least someone else understands what it's like growing up with "The Captain" for a father.



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