Grace Reed
Portrayed by Meryl Streep
Name: Grace Reed
Birthday: October 26, 1968
Origin: Wizard
Role: Medic
Affiliation: Earthchild
Title: Midwife/Nurse
Resources: ● Poor


Standing at 5’ 6”, Grace is a sturdily built woman, with curves in all the right places and just enough meat on her bones. Light golden blonde hair is worn long, usually free and flowing but held back from her face by clips or tucked behind her ears. Her eyes are deep blue, evenly set around a nose that suits her face but has a bump that suggests it might have been broken at one time. Her smile can light up a room, bringing out the gentleness in her features.

Grace favors dressing in natural fibers, much of her wardrobe made for her by artisans of Haven. She can most often be seen in long skirts and peasant tops, layered when the weather is colder. Well worn but well kept brown boots cover her feet.


Grace was the first baby born in the sub-community that was to become known as Haven. A beautiful, unseasonably warm afternoon in October of 1968 saw Grace come into the world, the birth assisted by several inexperienced but well-intended friends. The girl’s first years were spent living in a tent, which was eventually replaced by one of the cob houses that were being built to make a more permanent settlement. She learned a little bit of everything from everyone as she grew, but took especially well to working with healing herbs and taking care of others, even as a child.

Most of the first generation born in Haven attended school in the town proper, and many graduated from the high school. Grace decided to leave home to attend college, taking courses in nursing to supplement her herbal background with more commonly accepted practices. She graduated with honors and returned to Mythic Wood. Grace never had the sort of passionate connection she had with nature with any man before. But at one Earthchild festival when members came from all over to celebrate and plan she had an instant connection with a younger man from New York City. Don Reed was amazed by Grace and even though life in Mythic Wood and more so in Haven was strange to him, and he thought it harder than it needed to be, the pair were married in 1998. With her advanced age Don never expected children, in fact, he didn't want them at all. But by surprise in 2002 when Grace became pregnant Don's troubles fitting in exacerbated and he left Grace when she was 6 months along. In late October of 2003 Grace was blessed with a son. Parker Reed became the true love of Grace’s life.

As the second generation of Haven’s children grew and thrived, Grace became more and more important for her medical skills. She was the closest thing to an actual doctor in their settlement, and many chose her over going to the hospital in town.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Nurse Training: Grace is the go-to healer for people in and near Haven. Even if it’s just to get more advanced help by seeing someone gets to the hospital in town.
  • Safe Haven: Grace strives constantly to keep Haven a peaceful sanctuary.
  • Mama Bear: Grace is a gentle woman at heart, but heaven help anyone who threatens those she cares about.
  • Pacifist: Despite her fierce instinct to protect her own, Grace will always try and guide others to the route of peaceful resolution.
  • Self-Sacrificing: Grace is unfailingly kind and will do almost anything for those in need, testified to by her caring medical help. She puts others above her own safety and needs.


Parker Parker
Parker is the light of Grace's life. He is the ultimate reason for her in getting out of bed every day.
Hope Booth Hope Booth
Big Sister
Hope is very much older than Grace and she was married to Jon Booth and had moved out of the camp of Haven before Grace was born. Grace loves her big sister, even when there's been tension through the years because of Jon's profession as a logger.
Reverend Jonah Reverend Jonah
Concerning Man
My open criticism of Reverend Jonah hasn't won me any popularity contests, but I cannot ignore my conscience. The man preys upon the fears of good people to push them toward a dangerous kind of fanaticism, and it would be wrong not to voice my concerns.


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