George Weatherall
Portrayed by James Cromwell
Name: George Weatherall
Alias: Captain
Birthday: March 27, 1947
Origin: Muggle
Role: Administrator
Affiliation: Town Government
Title: Mayor of Mythic Wood
Resources: ●●● Prosperous


George Weatherall stands tall and gaunt at 6'7". A man of at least 70 years, he has begun losing his white hair, but simply combs it aside with dignity. His features are careworn with laughter lines. Dark blue eyes often hold a good-natured twinkle. His long, prominent nose is a touch crooked. His smile may be thin, but it's a friendly one.

George favors simple polo shirts, buttoned up to the neck, saving his suits for more formal occasions. This shirt is always tucked into a pair of pressed grey pants, held up by a belt with a bright, shiny buckle. His leather shoes are a bit too scuffed to hold much of a shine.


The Weatherall family dates back to the very first settlers that would eventually found the township of Mythic Wood. They have been a part of the civic infrastructure of the county since the beginning, whether serving in political office, as teachers, on school boards, or as part of community action groups.

George Weatherall was no exception. He was a Boy Scout — eventually earning the rank of Eagle Scout — during which time he was heavily involved in community programs such as park beautification, food drives, elderly assistance, and so on.

Of course, he wasn't totally an angel. He and his best friend, Ernie Kuroda, were infamous for getting into trouble together. It was never anything hurtful, but they had their share of mischief. The two were inseparable friends, and after they graduated high school in 1958, they both enlisted in the Navy.

Ernie only did one tour of duty, but George found that the Navy suited him, and he stayed on to make a career of it. With twenty-five years of service under his belt, George retired in 1983 as a Captain. But he was a man of the sea by then, and even when he came back to Mythic Wood, he couldn't stay away from the water. He bought a fishing boat, hired a crew, and became a new kind of captain. He'd remain a fisherman for the next fifteen years.

But even as age and arthritis got in the way of his fishing career, George wasn't the kind of man to simply retire and rest. After trading in his fishing boat for a more recreational craft, he returned to his family's roots in civil service. In 1998 he won a seat on the Mythic Wood town council, and two years later he ran for mayor and was elected in a landslide. He has served as mayor ever since.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Mayor of Mythic Wood: George has been a leader of the community for sixteen years, fourteen of which as mayor. He is popular and respected by his supporters, and considered a formidable opponent by his detractors. He is conservative in his views, but not radically so. His blend of compassion and traditional values has made him a true man of the people.
  • Roots in the Community: George's family has been established in the region since the very first white settlers arrived.
  • Keep Mythic Wood Safe: George is no fool. He understands that there are many strange things afoot in the valley, many of which are truly dangerous. He feels the weight of that responsibility and does everything in his power to keep the town and its people safe.
  • Old Man of the Sea: George has always been attracted to the ocean and boating. A Navy career followed by years as a fishing boat captain have indelibly tattooed the sea onto his heart.


Jill Weatherall Jill Weatherall
Wife (Deceased)
Jill was the love of George's life. He met her early in his Navy days. Her parents had both passed, so after they were married, she came to Mythic Wood to live with George's family. She passed away in 2004 after succumbing to cancer.
Pamela Weatherall Pamela Weatherall
He loves his daughter very much, though her taste in men and the scandals swirling around her makes George happy it's his last term.
Grayson Weatherall Grayson Weatherall
George and Grayson have almost never seen eye to eye. Father and son couldn't be more different. Now that Grayson had thrown in his lot with the Iron Brigade, the two are more estranged than ever, as George refuses to even speak to his youngest, which seems to suit Grayson just fine.
Ernie Kuroda Ernie Kuroda
Best Friend
Ernie and George have been friends for as long as anyone can remember. They grew up together, joined the Navy together, and both men ended up in public service. Every Friday night these two can be found down at Vera's Saloon, laughing, drinking, and remembering the good times.
Grace Reed Grace Reed
Haven Counterpart
Grace may not hold any official title, but she is clearly a leader in Haven. Taking her counsel is just good politics.
Reverend Jonah Peterson Reverend Jonah Peterson
The sway that Jonah has over his flock is both awe inspiring and concerning to George.
Red Holt Red Holt
George and Red have to work together professionally, but there is no love lost between these men. George blames Red for his daughter's name being dragged through the mud, and would like nothing better than to see Red removed from office…if only there were someone good enough to replace him.
Walter Whitefeather Walter Whitefeather
SOTA Elder
If George has a counterpart in SOTA, it's Walter Whitefeather. The two men don't always see eye to eye, but both understand the need to work together. When George needs something from the Tribal Council, it's Walter that he goes to first.


Log Title Summary
(2018-12-21) Winter Festival Parade The whole town comes out, setting aside rivalries and joining together for the annual parade to celebrate the winter holidays.


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