Fjord Knudsen
Portrayed by Johnny Depp
Name: Fjord "Mustang" Eirik Knudsen
Birthday: March 1, 1989
Origin: Wizard
Role: Criminal
Affiliation: Iron Brigade Motorcycle Club, Owner of Frogmen Tattooing
Title: Sergeant at Arms
Resources: ●●● Prosperous


Fjord is reasonably tall standing at six feet three inches tall his long black hair is tied back in a Nordic style braid. He has ice blue eyes and his skin is almost alabaster white he has a goatee upon his face. His arms are covered in full sleeve tattoos, his right arm is all Navy iconography his left arm is all Iron Brigade iconography. When shirtless he has a full chest tattoo of a punisher skull and upon his stomach is the Seal trident tattoo. His back is the full patch of the Iron Brigade MC. His face and chest, and arms are scarred up pretty badly and when you look into his face youll notice the effects of war he does have the thousand yard stare.


Fjord was raised in town his father was a Navy Seal and a drunkard and a member of the Iron Brigade MC. His father though still loving was a bit off the rocker due to his PTSD issues. When Fjord Got to highschool all he ever wanted was to become a Seal like his father and a member of the club owning a Harley and a Cut. When he reached his Freshman year in highschool he met the beautiful Kelby Knight. He tried and tried to get her attention but his reputation worked against him. When he finally started playing baseball for the Highschool he was finally able to win her friendship. From there it was a whirlwind of fun they became close friends.
It was in their sophomore year that the flirting began and the friendship started taking a turn to more than that. Fjord knew Kelbs' parents didnt approve of him but he was doing his best. They started dating at the end of their sophomore year. That summer between sophomore and junior years they spent the summer riding around on his Harley. Going for long rides through the country and getting to know each other better than they ever thought they would. It was a summer of love that summer and they truly started falling for each other.
It was in their senior year that things started getting hairy between them. They were great until senior prom. When they realized she was heading off to college and he was enlisting in the Navy. After an awkward moment alone he proposed to her and she said she couldn't then. They tried to keep their relationship going as he left and went wherever the Navy sent him since he went into the SEALS he was consistently at war. Four years later he received a final letter saying she had met someone and was getting married to the new guy. He was happy for her happiness but was devastated and threw himself deeper into the Navy. He was finally medically discharged a few years later as a Chief Petty Officer, he returned home and prospected for the Iron Brigade MC as he bought the local tattoo parlor renaming it Frogmen Tattooing.
After the required length of time he became a full patched member. Over the next few years he rose through the ranks and became the Sergeant at arms. Tattooing, and doing other things for the club. All the while hes trying to rekindle the romance he had with Kelbs. Hed never forgotten the love he'd had for her nor has he ever wanted to. All of her letters including the one telling him she was marrying someone else saved in a box with all the old pictures of them together. Now Fjord wants nothing more than to ride with his brothers and win back the love of his life.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

Local:Was born and raised here.

Knudsen:A legacy member of the Iron Brigade and owner of Frogmen Tattooing.

Iron Brigade MC:Fjord is the Sergeant At Arms of the IBMC perhaps your another member or interested in prospecting.

Former Military:He is an honorably discharged Navy SEAL perhaps you served or maybe were in basic with him.

Duelist Extraordinare:Hes an amazing duelist, maybe you want to spar or get training. Or maybe you want to ally yourself or even fight him.

Dark Arts Connoisseur:He loves to research and learn dark arts. Perhaps youre into it as well.

Spell Creating:Hes looking into the art of making spells.

Wand Lore:Fjord loves wand lore and wants to learn how to make his own wands.


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