Felix Wicks
Portrayed by David Beckham
Name: Dr. Felix Pip Wicks
Birthday: March 31, 1975
Origin: Wizard
Role: Scientist
Affiliation: Eos
Title: Senior Researcher
Resources: ●●●● Affluent



Felix Pip Wicks was born in Boston Massachusetts to a Pip and Sarah Wicks. He was the seventh to receive the name Felix Pip, which his father was the sixth to receive the name Pip Felix, it was an odd but entertaining family tradition. His father was a plastic surgeon, while his mother was a Homemaker. His mother who came from a rich family in the Wizarding World, the Conways, were the founders of the WWAC (Wizarding Wireless American Company), so while Eos has made WWAC growingly obsolete with their new brand of music listening technology the Conway name and financial security still is known by many.

He grew up side by side most children at a rather down your nose boarding school during his younger years, in New Hampshire. When the day came for him to received his magical education, his abilities in which he inherited from his mother, he attended Ilvermorny. During the Wand Sorting Ceremony he was sorted into the Thunderbird House. His teen years were rather simple and unexcited, due to his secure financial standing. He played Quidditch and soccer, dated a few girls, broke a few hearts and graduated doing well enough. He had plenty of offers on the table for ways to go and career paths to take.

He however had his father pull a few strings and went to Harvard, to study Environmental Science and Engineering. His early college years were rather unexciting and he actually had to work a lot harder to catch up and not fail out, but he pushed himself pretty hard. Though at this time he did, continue to play soccer for fun and he learned that he had an odd love for Thai curry. He graduated, just barely good enough to continue on and work towards his Masters.

It was when he was working on his Master's that he ended up meeting a woman who would change his life, her name was Jessica. They began dating and she was unlike any other women he had ever met, she was free. In every sense of the word, and when he finished his Masters, she helped free him too. He took time off from school and spent a year backpacking with Jessica, hiking the Appalachian Trail, doing crazy things like getting tattoos and traveling a good deal of the country. It was when he got back that they got married and he returned to his studies.

It was in the middle of him working towards his PHD, that Jessica and he got married and not even a year later, had a daughter named Samantha. If you were wondering, yes Jessica kept her own last name of, Parr. While they worked and pushed forward at the age of 29, Felix finally finished his PHD program and went to work for a non-profit research group. It was at that time that, his life suddenly took a hard turn.

A year into work for the research company his team made a rather good break through and they went out to celebrate. Felix had promised Jessica he wouldn't be too late and he would not drink that much. However, at around 2 am he called her to pick him up, as he was too drunk to drive. It was a cold night with snow flurries and with Felix passed out in the passenger seat, Samantha in the back in her car seat, Jessica got swiped by someone passing her, lost control of the Jeep and flipped it. Jessica was survived by Felix and Samantha.

Felix fell into a rather deep depression and his parents watched Samantha for roughly a year, as he regrouped. Finally pulling himself back together, him and Samantha moved out to Oregon as he went to work for Eos. He lived a quiet life of research, in a modest little house and let his daughter partake in the ACCEL program. Despite many a huff and a puff from his mother, about Samantha needing a proper education at Ilvermorny.

He coached soccer for the kids and to the dismay of many of the single mothers, never dated. He just went about his life, watching his daughter grow up. Though one day in high school that came shattering around him, he had told Samantha that her mother had died in an accident in a storm on her way home. Leaving details out, perhaps for guilt, always with the intention of telling her the truth one day. She, however, one day found out the truth on her own.

This caused her to rebel and to act against him. To push against him and to fight, she quit coming home as often, staying out late and doing anyone knows what. They fought and strife was constant. But he tried. Then when she graduated, he came home to an empty bedroom.

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  • Estranged Daughter: His daughter Samantha has rebelled and barely talks to him and is barely home.
  • Single Father: He raises his daughter all alone, with their dog Rum.
  • Widower: His wife died in a tragic hit and run, the other party was never found.


Jessica Parr Jessica Parr
Late Wife
His wife died in a tragic hit and run, the other party was never found.
Samantha Wicks Samantha Wicks
Estranged Daughter
His daughter Samantha has rebelled and barely talks to him and is barely home.
Rum Rum
Faithful companion. Rum doesn't judge, he just loves, and wags his lil hot dog tail just when Felix needs it the most.


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