Ernie Kuroda
Portrayed by Pat Morita
Name: Ernest Kuroda
Alias: Ernie
Birthday: August 10, 1940
Origin: Muggle
Role: Professional
Affiliation: Oregon's 15th Judicial District
Title: County Judge
Resources: ●●● Prosperous


This man stands just a few inches over five feet, with a slightly stocky build. His dark eyes have the thin almond shape distinctive of Japanese heritage. Aged and balding, what hair he has left is silvering, both on the sides and back of his head and his goatee and mustache. He is clearly pushing his later years though that doesn't stop the diminutive man from being a font of energy and presence that has a knack for distinguishing itself even in a crowded room.

When he's not in his judicial robes he typically wears nice clothes, clean and pressed slacks and a button up shirt that is rolled up to his forearms.


Ernie's family is American. It's a point they've tried very hard to make clear, as their Japanese heritage often leads to certain assumptions and prejudices. Ernie's parents were fond of saying: "Four years in an internment camp! We earned our stars and stripes!"

Immigrants John and Betty Kuroda assumed American names and named their first son Ernest. Their love for America was instilled into Ernie from an early age. Even his vague memories of the internment camp didn't shake his patriotism. They never taught him Japanese, and nearly all reminders of Japanese culture were packed away in the attic, rarely to be seen. Ernie didn't mind, as he had no sense of connection to Japan.

Ernie was always noted for a sharp mind and a clever sense of humor. His friendly demeanor had a way of putting people at ease. Among his friends, he was a constant source of advice, and ever the mediator when there were disputes. The closest of those friends was a boy named George Weatherall. They two were inseparable. If one was in trouble, the other was in it with him. They practically lived in each others' homes and even dated a few of the same girls. After high school, they even enlisted in the Navy together. But while George stayed on for a longer naval career, Ernie left after his first term of service to go to college. He studied law at Harvard, which is where he met his future wife.

Linda Yamada was the daughter of Japanese immigrants. Unlike Ernie's family, they were steeped in Japanese culture…and Linda hated it. She felt stifled by it and constantly tried to downplay her heritage. Ernie became a symbol to her that it was possible to escape from her parents' expectations. They became friends, and soon much more. After both had graduated, they were married, and Linda returned to Oregon with Ernie to start a family, settling in Ernie's hometown, Mythic Wood. This also brought Ernie closer to his childhood friend, George, who had been elected Mayor of Mythic Wood. Now their antics had calmed to having drinks together and reminiscing about the good old days, with the occasional fishing trip or a game of golf to spice things up.

Ernie and Linda had several children, raising each the way Ernie's parents raised him. They were Americans, not to be defined by their Japanese ancestry. Ernie took a position as a public defender, while Linda went to work for a law firm specializing in worker's compensation. As such, both became known as champions of the common man. Eventually, this led to Linda becoming a partner in the firm, and in 2005, a judgeship for Ernie.

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  • Legal Expert: Even when not sitting on the bench, Ernie is happy to share his knowledge and understanding of the law.
  • A Friend to Everyone: Ernie is well-liked in Mythic Wood. He's an affable man with a good sense of humor and a powerful sense of fairness. He seems to know just about everyone and never forgets a face or name. Even those he has judged against often think highly of him.
  • Good Humor: Known for his sense of humor. Ernie tries to keep everyone smiling, even when sitting behind the bench.
  • Fair Minded: Ernie isn't looking to make an example of anyone. His judgments are based on what is best for the community and for the person he is sentencing, in that order.
  • Car Buff: Drives the sweetest, cherry red 1958 Corvette.


Linda Kuroda Linda Kuroda
Linda is Ernie's eternal partner. The two have stood loyally by one another's sides as they worked hard toward success. They are a very loving couple, both to one another and to their children.
Naomi Kuroda Naomi Kuroda
Ernie's youngest girl. Though he can't relate to how she has embraced Japanese culture, he dotes upon her all the same.
George Weatherall George Weatherall
Best Friend
Ernie and George have been friends for as long as anyone can remember. They grew up together, joined the Navy together, and both men ended up in public service. Every Friday night these two can be found down at Vera's Saloon, laughing, drinking, and reminiscing about the old days.


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