Elizabeth Metcalf
Portrayed by Angelina Jolie
Name: Elizabeth Metcalf
Birthday: October 16, 1974
Origin: Muggle
Role: Administrator
Affiliation: Log River Casino
Title: Owner & Manager
Resources: ●●●● Affluent



George Metcalf fancied himself quite the entrepreneur. In the 70s when casinos really started to pop up on Reservation Land, George took it upon himself to put together his own casino. Victoria Riley was at the time a local entertainer and she fell in love with George when he came looking to hire entertainers for his new casino. They were married and Elizabeth was born October 16th, 1974. The casino did alright. It was small and brought in some tourism. But George wasn't the businessman he needed to be for the casino to really take off, so everything at the casino pretty much stayed the exact same since it opened.

Aside from the fact that her quite robust overachiever personality often times alienated those around her, Elizabeth's childhood was rather good compared to many kids on the rez. The Metcalfs had enough to put Liz through college and she made her childhood ambition to attend Stanford. She was never allowed into the Casino because of laws and her being underage. So when she returned home after turning 21, she finally got to see all aspects of the place her parents spent so much time and effort on. Being a bit bitter about the place for that reason she was really underwhelmed by what she found. But she returned to Stanford to major in Business and a minor in Native Culture.

It brought her a great deal of pride when she graduated and returned to manage the Casino and put all of her education to good use. A lot of the people she grew up with that indeed had a harder time than she was sought after to employ. She wanted to really make the casino a place the reservation could be proud of. When her father retired, she was given the keys and used the money she'd been saving since her return to do some sprucing up of the casino and also to put in a lot of money into marketing and publicity.

Because of her success and dedication to the employment of the locals of the Rez, Elizabeth is on the Tribal Council. Some could say it's perhaps a dangerous position for the owner of a casino to be, as it is 1/5th automatically of any votes in the legislation of how the casino should work. At least thus far, no abuse of power has been discovered and Liz is a well-respected member of the community.

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