Elias Whitefeather
Portrayed by Keith Longhorn
Name: Elias Whitefeather
Alias: Lias
Birthday: June 22, 1985
Origin: Wizard
Role: Outdoorsman
Affiliation: Oregon Forestry Department
Title: Ranger
Resources: ●● Comfortable


High cheekbones and a long face produce a rather wide jaw that gives strength to the man's face. Dark eyes are set over by a heavy brow and a curved slight beaked nose are all signs of his heritage. His dark hair has been kept long and straight, coming to rest at his mid-back. A rather impressive broad shouldered frame and barrel chest makes him an impressive sight to behold without factoring in his six foot three inch height.

He favors simple short sleeved shirts in deeper colors and jeans that are heavy enough to take the demands of his work. A set of steel toed construction boots are tight tied with laces wrapped around the boot several times. He can usually be found wearing a carhartt jacket in the cooler months.


Elias is a native born local and never been anywhere else, save for college which took him far enough away for far too long.

He grew up learning about the land and his heritage from his family and in turn it created a deep seated devotion to the spirits of the land. Everything has its purpose and place, all things are interconnected and for that reason Elias is a rather pacificistic figure.

He attended the local schools but was never much at the center of things. He kept mostly to himself and focused on his time spent with the tribes in an attempt to keep their heritage alive. This meant his list of friends was small but close.

After college where he took conservation courses and majored in Forestry he returned home in hopes of helping preserve Mythic Woods for another generation. He's never been outgoing and even now remains partial to quiet conversation and small gatherings making him something of an outsider in the town.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Ranger: Elias knows most of the land surrounding Mythic Woods. He's walked it and hunted it for many years.
  • Wilderness: Elias prefers to spend his hours out of doors, even when off the clock his cabin is tucked far enough away to give him the sense he's free of the local population.
  • Hunting: Elias is a live off the land kind of guy. If he can hunt his own food all the better.
  • SOTA: He's a deeply invested member, very close to his native roots.


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