Edgar Walker
Portrayed by Forrest Goodluck
Name: Edgar Walker
Birthday: August 6, 1838
Origin: Wizard
Role: Other
Affiliation: Eastern Hills
Title: Ghost
Resources: X Destitute


The apparition of a bedraggled young male ghost is made all the more disturbing due to the scarring across the front of his face. In life, the son of a well-to-do rancher the last moments of the ghost's life must have been harrowing as he looks far from what he must have in his prime. With a great deal of Native American heritage in him, his black hair is stringing, mussed and wild about his face. Thick brows sit over wide eyes that suggest an uneasy temperament. his large nose angle out over slightly protruding lips that hide not altogether perfect teeth.

He's young, that much can be seen and his clothes are from the mid-1800s. They were once rather nice 'duds' but they must have been ripped and torn and shredded violently in his death because of the tatters floating about around him in an ethereal breeze. Sometimes when the tatters flutter away from him enough they reveal the tops of iron railroad spikes that pierce through his arms and lower legs.


Edgar Walker and Abigail Rocklin were star-crossed lovers from feuding families. In the summer of 1855, the teen-aged couple made a habit of slipping away from the settlement for private liaisons in the eastern hills. They had heard the Miluk tales about those forested hills, which were supposedly teeming with evil spirits and deadly creatures. But they wrote it off as superstition and counted on those legends to keep others away. For the most part, they were right, as nobody from Mythic Wood ever discovered their meetings. When they were discovered, they would soon come to wish that their parents had been the ones to find them.

During a walk in the woods, the youths became distracted in conversation and lost their way. It would later be described as if the forest itself were changing to try to confuse them. For hours they wandered, trying to find the path home again. When they finally discovered a large cabin, they thought they were saved. They knocked on the door, hoping to find someone inside that could guide them back to civilization. When they received no answer, the desperate couple let themselves in to get out of the cold. They started a fire in the fireplace and huddled together under some blankets, and before long they fell asleep.

The historical records become more vague about exactly what happened when Abigail Rocklin awakened. What is known is that she described awakening in the cabin, but the fire had gone out. The only illumination was a pulsing green light that she couldn't see the source of. She was surrounded by several figures in black robes. Her scream roused Edgar, and then she said there was a flash of light, and several of the robed people stumbled backward. Edgar pushed Abigail toward the door of the cabin and told her to run, and to go to his family and tell them that "the Lestranges are here". She didn't understand what it meant, but she was terrified and obeyed her beloved Edgar. The cabin was far out of sight before she realized that Edgar was not with her.

Abigail was lost in the hills for two days before a search party found her. At her insistence, they took her to the Walker Ranch, and she delivered the message to Edgar's father, telling him what had transpired. Whatever it meant to the Walkers, it spurred them to immediate action. They rounded up an enormous posse, including several Rocklins, and marched east into the hills.

The posse eventually located the Lestrange cabin, where they found Edgar's body nailed to a tree some fifteen feet off the ground. The word "MUDBLOOD" was carved into the trunk over and over. The records become surprisingly sparse when describing what happened next. The Lestranges appeared, with conflicting reports on their numbers describing anywhere from five to fifty of them. A battle broke out, and the people of Mythic Wood were badly beaten and sent running back to the village to lick their wounds and bury the dead that they were able to bring back with them. Later the same evening after the battle, the Lestranges turned up in the village. Several buildings burned that night, and at least twelve people went missing, never to be seen again.

Edgar has been wandering the forest ever since, haunting the area and doing his best to make sure that no one runs afoul of the Lestranges deep in the woods. He sometimes will venture onto the Walker Ranch to check in on his family and he less frequently haunts the Rocklin Estate without being seen, to check on the descendants of his beloved Abigail.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Haunting: He can't cross over, it was his fault that they got so lost. So he remains in the world on this side of the veil. Unliving every day hoping to find a chink in the Lestrange's powerful wards and protections so he can make them miserable.


Abigail Rocklin Abigail Rocklin
Abigail was his everything. He literally died for her. She was a Muggle, so he could not visit her after he died. But he watched her grow old, marry, have children, have grandchildren, and then die. After she passed away Edgar's gone a bit mad, just wandering the forest.


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