Davis Allen
Portrayed by Patton Oswalt
Name: Davis Allen
Birthday: January 18, 1972
Origin: Muggle
Role: Transporter
Affiliation: Government (U.S. Postal Service)
Title: Mail Carrier
Resources: ●● Comfortable


He might be shorter than the average man but he makes up for it in his swagger. His stature is a little on the portly side, reflecting in a thicker middle and smaller shoulders. Wide lips and nose make up a good portion of his features but the set of smaller dark eyes hold a great deal of keen intelligence. Mousy brown hair is kept short at the sides and longer on the top - messy more often than not. A tweed vest rests over a dark grey button down and the colorful scarves he is known for are wrapped about his neck. A loose set of khakis lead down to a pair of leather loafers.


Born and raised in Mythic Wood. His father, Kevin Allen was a beloved mailman for Mythic Wood and Alan always respected his father and the job he did. Mrs. Nancy Allen (nee Brox) was the most wonderful mother. She was also a bit of a local celebrity in the Coos County Fair, because she usually placed first in the baking contest. This may have contributed to the weight problems Davis has struggled with his whole life.

Alan has always been extremely proud of his small town. He graduated from Rocklin High School in 1990, and later from Southwestern Oregon Community College in 1995. He started off in the post office of Mythic Wood as a clerk, but his joy of exploring his small town wasn't sated behind a counter so he became a mail carrier. While appreciated by the community for his dedication to his job, he brings more than just the mail. Those that chat with him while he works his route, find that he is a font of community news. He doesn't peddle gossip, just the facts: Mrs. Jones had her baby, Mr. Smith is sick, young Jane Johnson got married, and so on.

Davis never settled down, as he never found the right man, and while his parents accepted his homosexuality, they also raised him with the values of their day, instilling in him the sense that the world would not be so accepting. After his mother died, he watched his father mourn and found his one regret was not having someone special like that. But the worry about how the town would react weighs on him, so he has never revealed his orientation publicly. It is a dilemma that weighs heavy on Davis's shoulders. Happiness and acceptance. Can he have both?

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Finger on the Town's Pulse: Davis knows what's going on in Mythic Wood, including a lot of dirty little secrets, though he isn't one to gossip.
  • Pillar of the Community: Everyone knows Davis and he knows everyone right back. He is generally very well liked.
  • Humble: Davis is courteous and modest.
  • Attentive: Very little escapes Davis's notice, and he is always focused on those speaking to him.


Kevin Allen Kevin Allen
Dad is a good man, quiet and keeps to himself mostly now that he's retired. He was a postman too and Kevin is very proud that his son took so well to his legacy.
Nancy Allen Nancy Allen
Mom passed away the winter of 2014. She held on for a long time, but eventually the cancer was too much for her. She was a good woman, very traditional, always placed first at the Coos County Fair baking contest when she was young.


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