Dave Callahan
Portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Name: David Callahan
Alias: Dave
Birthday: April 22, 1975
Origin: Muggle
Role: Technician
Affiliation: Rocklin Lumber
Title: Engineer
Resources: ●● Comfortable


Middle-aged wrinkles of smiles long gone adorn this man's face. He's got a greying scruff of a beard that stays relatively well trimmed. Dark brown hair that is a little on the longer side of a former high and tight marine cut and brown eyes with crow's feet off to the sides. A good build on the man shows he has no lack of muscle and is somewhat conscious in the upkeep of his 6'1" physique.

Layers is a fashion that never goes out of style for Oregon. The lumber industry folks don't really look too much different than they did in the 1800s. A heather grey long johns undershirt is unbuttoned at the throat beneath a grey and brown long-sleeved collared flannel that is unbuttoned to the solar plexus. When the weather is chilly he's layered, even more, with a dark brown leather jacket. The jacket is the only thing that looks of this era but only just into it as it is a bomber style. Dickies work slacks in black and some nice steel-toed work boots finish off his usual attire.


Dave Callahan is an old-fashioned fella. He was raised by a very traditional man and his mother was a very traditional wife and mother. They were not the richest of families as his father was a lumberjack and his mother was a housewife so in order to get the training Dave desired in engineering he joined the Marines straight after graduation. Sending home money to his parents and little sister, Liz.

Dave's last station before he was to muster out after two terms of service was at Camp Pendleton in Carlsbad, California. A few months before he was given full honorable discharge he met a girl. Beautiful, vivacious and she made Dave feel all sorts of warm fuzzies and he just knew he was going to marry that girl. He landed a job as Head Engineer at the very same Lumber Mill his father worked for and he returned home quite the proud man, with a little woman, most of the town was amazed by. Soon after they moved to Mythic Wood there was a nice wedding and rather soon after that, Liam Callahan was born.

But Karen and Dave Callahan were not the happy couple they presented at barbecues. Once the passion of a new romance faded, problems began to arise. Karen had agreed to give up her job as a software developer, a decision she felt somewhat pressured into, and that was a bit of the beginning of the end. Dave was raised with old-fashioned values that sometimes clashed with Karen's more progressive beliefs, and that gap only seemed to widen over time. Characteristics that each once found charmingly rugged or cute now grated on them. They were still very much in love, but love was never their issue.

Structure, control, these are important things to Dave, hence his proclivity for the marine lifestyle and engineering. So when his boy, his buddy, his little man, Liam's magical abilities surfaced, it was the final straw that shattered Dave's sense of control over his life. It further spun out when he learned that his own sister had also developed the same abilities and never told him. He developed a drinking problem, and while he was never violent, it contributed to his tendency to withdraw when he was upset. During this time, Karen became despondently lonely, and she became involved with another man…a wizard.

Dave had his suspicions about his wife's infidelity. When their second child, Zoey, was born with vibrant red hair, it further cemented his doubts. Still, he saw how happy his wife was, and he did love the child and raised her as his own. Dave knew that the likelihood of a muggle family having multiple wizard children was almost unheard of. So when Zoey began exhibiting magic at age 3, he hired a private investigator, and his suspicions were confirmed. Not only had Karen cheated on him when Zoey was conceived, but the affair had continued for those last three years as well. Dave filed for divorce and with plenty of thanks to the lawyer that his boss recommended he won custody of both children in court.

The company's help in the difficult time cemented his already strong loyalty and he has become a bit of a workaholic as well. He loves his kids like crazy, but it's hard raising two magical teens. His sister is leaned on a great deal, especially with Zoey. Because not only is she able to do magic, she's also a girl, and that puts her even deeper into the realm of no clue how to raise her! With Liam, he's raising his boy much how he was raised, with discipline and hard pushing for him to be the greatest man he can be.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Former Marine: 1993 - 2001. Marine Combat Engineer.
  • Head Engineer at Rocklin Lumber: Dave makes the machinery at Rocklin Lumber run smooth.
  • Single Father: For about a decade Dave has been going at parenthood alone. He heavily relies on his sister to help out with the kids' magical matters and female stuff when it comes to Zoey.
  • Saloon Regular: Vera's Saloon is on the way home from work. So Dave often stops by to have a drink and unwind after an intense day.


Liam Callahan Liam Callahan
Zoey Callahan Zoey Callahan
Karen Callahan Karen Callahan
Elizabeth "Liz" Callahan Elizabeth "Liz" Callahan


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