Cassidy Soldahl
Portrayed by Tatiana Maslany

Name: Cassidy Soldahl
Birthday: September 22, 1989
Origin: Blig
Role: Technician
Affiliation: Eos
Title: Chief Technology Officer
Resources: ●●●●● Rich


Cassidy Soldahl is a woman roughly in her late 20s, standing at 5'4" and an overall petite body type. Shoulder-length almost black dark hair is done in neat corn-row dreads spun into a scrunchie of hair around a ponytail framing her face. Her thin-rimmed, black glasses look a bit retro in style, sitting on her small button nose, magnifying her hazel cat-like eyes. The rest of her heart-shaped face is accented in full, dimpled cheeks, and an angular jaw that comes to a pointed chin. She speaks with the tones and accent of a local Mythic Woodan.


While attending college at Oregon State University, Cassidy developed a revolutionary new technology for transferring data online using what she called a predictive transfer protocol.

Shortly after graduating in 2010, Cassidy demonstrated her program in a file-sharing app called Aurora. Before long, Aurora expanding from file-sharing to video chat and live-streaming. With the assistance of her college friends, Kyle Rankin, and Jen Yeun, she was able to turn Aurora into a business. As the clients poured in, Yeun advised Cassidy to branch out and grow the company. She took that advice, but in an unexpected direction.

When Aurora exploded in popularity, Cassidy was back in her beloved home in Mythic Wood. So when she realized that she needed to grow to survive, she decided to do so in the place that had molded her into the person she had become. Starting in her parents' garage, she established the first company headquarters of the newly dubbed Eos. It was there that she manufactured the prototype routers that would take advantage of her predictive transfer protocol.

Within six months, she had created fifty new jobs in Mythic Wood, just putting together the routers to meet the increasing demand. A year later, in 2012, the newly constructed Eos Corporate Headquarters was opened for business in the sleepy little coastal town. Suddenly, Mythic Wood became the central hub of the fastest Internet service in the United States.

Eos didn't stop there. The rapidly growing company was diversifying quickly, with new offices and labs opening up all over the country. But Cassidy Soldahl insisted that her company remain headquartered in her hometown. She even went as far as having high-speed data lines installed throughout the town and providing free Internet access via Eos's service, EosNet. Even as things changed in the town, Cassidy was always careful not to disrupt the pleasant, semi-rural lifestyle that Mythic Woodans were accustomed to.

She was cheered on when she put together the trust that would turn Mythic Woods' struggling school system around, creating vibrant new programs for art, music, and especially technology education.

Few found a reason to complain when she devoted millions of dollars to renovate the town's tiny hospital into an ultra-modern, state-of-the-art medical complex — complete with an advanced research wing used by Eos itself in its development of robotic prosthetics and other medical technologies.

Eos does have its detractors. Many of those living in Haven are ideologically inclined to resist the corporate influence of any kind. Some have difficulty believing that any organization of such size and wealth can possibly be benign. But to most residents of Mythic Wood, Eos is a blessing, and Cassidy Soldahl is an angel.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Mother of Eos: Cassidy is the genius whose software gave birth to what would eventually become the massively successful Eos Corporation.
  • Town Hero: Cassidy's company breathed life into Mythic Wood at a time when it was desperately needed. She is the town's pride and joy.


Kyle Rankin Kyle Rankin
CFO of Eos
The Chief Financial Officer of Eos, he is very trusted to keep the business afloat and is the one that sometimes needs to bring reality into Cassidy's big dreams. Kyle and Cassidy are best friends who would do just about anything for each other.
Jen Yeun Jen Yeun
CEO of Eos
Jen is the chief executive officer, the highest-ranking person in the company just after Cassidy, ultimately though Jen is responsible for making the managerial decisions.


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