Cameron Walker
Portrayed by Nathaniel Arcand
Name: Cameron Walker
Birthday: November 13, 1987
Origin: Wizard
Role: Animal Worker
Affiliation: Walker Ranch
Title: Elk Rancher and NAID Breeder
Resources: ●●●● Affluent


Cameron Walker is a man, roughly in his 30s, of Native American heritage with copper skin tone. Standing at 5'11" at about 150 pounds in an overall farm boy strong body type. Short raven hair is done in messy and windblown style framing an egg-shaped face. With squinty smiley dark chocolate brown eyes that are set to either side of his wide and a bit flat, button nose. Below that nose is a thin upper with plumper bottom set of lips. The rest of his an egg-shaped shaped face is accented in appled cheeks, an oval-shaped jaw and comes to a blunt chin. Cameron Walker smells of the forest with a muskiness of elk and hay. When he speaks, the tones and accent of a local boy from South Coast Oregon can be detected.


In 1792 the British Ship, Jenny of the Hudson Bay Trading Co. entered the mouth of Umpqua River and spent some days trading with the "numerous" and "savage disposition" natives. They were amazed by the bounty of elk and other furs and meat these natives could provide and it was decided on that a group of tradesmen would be left behind to make deals and establish relationships and trading agreements and routes.

Horace Walker was made to be captain in charge of the group left by the Jenny. It was rough scouting for several months but Horace worked his way down the coast and in a time of need - one of his men was ill (bad mushroom) - they discovered an amazingly friendly and helpful Miluk village tucked away in an idyllic valley. The valley and village of Mith-Ih-Kwuh were lead by K’inwis Yattluhs (Lazy Coyote) and their Medicine Man, Hwildii Maktlh (Hopping Crow). Horace married Hopping Crow's daughter and settled in a small log cabin.

When Oregon was first being settled by those that came on the Oregon Trail there was a horrific massacre of the local Tribes of the coast. In order to 'keep them safe' over 300 Natives were shipped off to the North Oregon area. There were many that used their knowledge of the Oregon Wilds to hide and make their own way in life. Cameron Walker is a descendant of one of these renegade tribesmen. When the plot of the wilderness a small band of natives was living on was bought by a rancher, things could have gone very badly. But instead the rancher and the hetman of the natives became great friends and the rancher harbored them on his land. Refusing to allow them to be sent to the reservations up north. Over the many years since, the Rancher's family continued to protect and harbor the natives. Also over the years both families mingled and married. Making Cameron's heritage at this point more Native than Caucasian. The Natives also taught the original Walker Ranchers the ways of using Elk Hounds to hunt the local prolific population of Oregon Elk. The tricks of the trade they learned are still used to this day when it comes to ranching Elk, which is exactly what the Walkers do.

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Skip, Cameron's first horse. Bought very cheap because he was a 'trick horse' and had a strange gait. Skip is named that because he literally skips when trotting so it takes a skilled rider to control the skipping and not end up rolling both horse and rider. It was also discovered that using the right tone when saying 'Pretty Lady' makes Skip twitch in a way that he winks one eye and wiggles his lips like blowing a kiss.

For Cameron, he always had a way with the Elk Hounds and so while his father ran the business and managed the elk herds it was Cameron that managed the breeding and training of the very rare breed of dogs. The trophy room at the ranch is filled with trophies from the 4H club and the Coos County Fair. In school, he wasn't the best student because he would rather be helping his family and friends at the Walker Ranch, but he did actually manage to graduate. The ACCEL program was really the only part of his education he looked forward to. But even then, he would rather be learning the Old Ways of the Native’s magic from his mother and father.

There have been several romantic relationships over the years, but none have gone the long haul. His dedication to the ranch and all the responsibilities it brings often outweighs his attentions romantically. Cameron is extremely proud of his Coquille and Miluk heritage and is often doing what he can to make sure the Tribal Alliance is taken care of. He never misses a gathering and he always provides horses, dogs, and elk meat when an event requires them. In late 2010 when things were pretty economically rough in town, Cameron’s father Harris, went with a few hands to check on a report of poachers. Harris was shot and killed by those poachers and was laid to rest with Kangee, Cameron’s mother on the property that they loved so much. Kangee had passed away in 1985 from breast cancer. The passing of his father meant that he was in complete charge of the Walker Ranch.

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  • Schooling: Cameron went to Miluk Elementary, Walker Middle School, and Rocklin High School. He was in the ACCEL program since first grade and he graduated in 1987. He did not go college, choosing to stay home and help run the Walker Ranch.
  • Dog Breeder & Trainer: Cameron takes the duty of keeping the Native Elk Dog line going very seriously. It's a matter of cultural pride, and he just plain loves these animals. The Native American Indian Dog (NAID) is hypoallergenic so they are a great dog for someone that usually has dog allergies. They are very loyal and extremely easy to train.
  • Elk Rancher: The Walker Ranch specializes in local Oregon Elk. Even though they are "farmed" elk, that doesn't mean they are tame by any stretch. It takes a lot of work to run an Elk ranch. with the strong native ties, the Walker's have, they provide elk hunting on the property. Bows only (modern bows are allowed), a sidearm is only allowed for self-defense. Poachers are handled harshly as Cameron now takes it very personally.
  • Shapeshifter: Cameron has the ability to turn into an Elk Hound.


Harris & Kangee Walker Harris & Kangee Walker
Yes, Cameron went to Mythic Wood Schools but everything he really learned and took to heart and practice he learned from his parents. His father was a modern-day cowboy with integrity and honor and loyalty. Kangee was brought up in the Old Ways, she taught Cameron the rich magical traditions of their people. She was very trusting in the healing magics and ways of old, but it made her miss her own disease and it was too late to do anything when it became apparent she was sick. Cameron spent much of his high school afternoons and nights being her nurse, watching her wither away. It was slow and painful for them both. Cameron can't say which loss was worse, the slow decline of his mother or the sudden and surprising murder of his father to poachers.
Miguel "Mike / Mikey" Garcia Miguel "Mike / Mikey" Garcia
Best Friend
Mike/Miguel has been Cameron's best friend since they were young. Miguel's family has worked the Walker Ranch for 3 generations. He seems like a stoic sort to those that don't know him. But Cameron knows his jolly loving side. The man loves to take care of people and the elk and dogs. In rough times he's always joking and making light of things. Cameron learned to do the same thing from his best friend. ((Open for Creation.))
Kelby "Bee" Knight Kelby "Bee" Knight
Crunchy Butt
Kelby was literally the girl next door. They might have been two years apart in school but they grew up playing in each other's property. Cameron's had a candle for her for as long as he can remember. Even when girl's had cooties, he wouldn't have minded Kelby's cooties. She, however, had a thing for bad boys in High School and then she went away for college to Seattle. But she's home now and Cameron's been gathering up confidence and has begun to court her proper. He can't believe that he's actually dating Kelby Knight now.
Paul Paul
Cameron hardly knows the guy. But their mother's were sisters, which makes them first cousins.

There was a time in Cam's life where he stood by and let Fjord have his chance at making Kelby happy in high school. But Fjord blew it, and now he thinks he can come back into Kelby's life like no time passed and he has a right to her? To force himself on her? He told Kelby Cameron was weak, Cameron will prove that he's just as strong, but smarter. Skuzz bucket done screwed the pooch and is on lots of people's blacklist in the relatively short time he's been back in town.


Log Title Summary
(2018-12-21) Winter Festival Parade The whole town comes out, setting aside rivalries and joining together for the annual parade to celebrate the winter holidays.
(2018-06-08) National Blueberry Day It's National Blueberry Day, which makes it a good excuse for everyone to go out picking blueberries.

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