Caleb Jeansonne
Portrayed by Charlie Hunnan
Name: Caleb Jeansonne
Birthday: May 6, 1992
Origin: Muggle
Role: Technician
Affiliation: Iron Brigade
Title: Full Patch & Mechanic
Resources: ●● Comfortable


Standing tall at six foot, his build is noticeably toned. His blonde hair is shaggy and swept back into something of a messy style that is somewhat tamed as it is tucked behind his ears. His lightly tanned features are somewhat sharp and his hazel eyes are bright and clear, while over them his thin blonde eyebrows are arched and sharply set against his skin. Though smeared with the odd dash of grease, his features are often unshaven, lightly bearded, while a silver chain and military dog tags are the only things worn about his neck.

His upper body is covered by a white baggy t-shirt that has seen better days, the material covered with various streaks of oil and smears of grease that leave it anything but white. His arms are strong and show a noticeable amount of muscle beneath his skin, while his hands show some strength they too are more often than not smeared and marked with oil and rust.

His waist seems slim enough beneath that baggy t-shirt, the grease and oil stained fabric fluttering loosely, while worn loose about his hips, tied off it would seem is a tattered pair of blue overalls. Scuffed and worn in places with the darker blue rubbed pale in places and more than a couple of holes ripped through the tough and hard wearing oil-stained fabric. Upon his feet are worn a pair of heavy work boots, the material scuffed and worn but still in decent enough condition. The battered leather covered in scuffs and dirty streaks, whilst the heavy soles are still quite thick and the tread almost new.


In 1960 there was a Mardi Gras festival in New Orleans, Louisiana, that a whole bunch of the Iron Brigade Motorcycle Club went cross country to celebrate on a whim of some biker's birthday. They brought back several new friends, wives, and husbands that were made during the festival and the road trip back to Mythic Wood with them. The Jeansonne's were among those that left New Orleans behind and have been a part of the IBMC ever since.

Caleb Jeansonne was born roughly 30 years after that cross-country pilgrimage. He was never the greatest student, his attention often wandered and it has to be said that Shelly Bundy helped in that regard more often than not. Time spent with her was time spent not worrying about his home life, the constant arguments and shouting matches that echoed throughout their trailer from dusk till dawn. His schooling suffered, but when riding his motorcycle with Shelly on the back, life was good. There was a connection and even as the two of them went through school, that connection stayed strong. For his part, the constant fights with his father ensured that little time was spent at home, more and more time was spent tinkering with his old motorcycle or riding with Shelly. Any excuse to stay away from home. Though Caleb had pretty much-flunked school, his grades just teetering on many a fail, the resulting fight in which he bloodied his father's nose and received a black eye for his troubles saw him head into the city and sign up to the Marines. Anything to escape his family, though the only person he kept in contact with was Shelly.

Within the Marines, though he would never rise above the rank of Private, Caleb's rebellious streak shone through and he spent a good deal of time with the Gunnery Sergeant seeking to make him into a decent soldier. Though Caleb's skills shone as a mechanic to those many varied vehicles and indeed well enough alongside his fellow Marines as a soldier. Yet it just wasn't to be, though one of the few things that helped him last as long as he did was contact with Shelly and the morale-boosting photos she sent. Yet as the years passed Caleb found himself pushing back against a new officer who took a disliking to Caleb's less than perfect record. To the Officer, Caleb was a challenge and to Caleb, the Officer was an unwelcome intrusion. Eventually, Caleb's temper got the better of him and the Officer found himself laid out with a good few punches and Caleb arrested. The court-martial saw to it that Caleb's remaining service time was spent in Fort Leavenworth, repenting for his ways, at least they hoped as much.

If anything, Caleb's search for a new family oddly took a turn for the better when he was released and returned to Mythic Wood, finding that his father had passed away and his mother left for another trailer park somewhere further south. So Caleb sought to put his honed skills to better use. Combined with a rekindled relationship with Shelly, the motorcycle was all it took to be driven into the new family, the Iron Brigade Motorcycle Club. A skilled mechanic, a former soldier, albeit not exactly the best soldier and in dire need of something to channel his energy into. Something to just keep him alive mostly, for it was something of a spiral for the lost biker. And so, as an initiate he plied his trade during the day, aiding the Motorcycle Club in whatever they asked of him and with them, he found a family that finally he felt at home with. It was a good three years of hard work through which he proved himself to the Motorcycle Club and quite possibly the proudest day of his life was when he was made a full member.

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Shelly Bundy Shelly Bundy
Shelly and Caleb shared the same playpen at the clubhouse while their parents got drunk and got up to no good with the Club. She literally has a healing touch and she mended Calebs injuries more times than can be counted over the years. She's been the one constant good in his life.


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(2018-12-21) Winter Festival Parade The whole town comes out, setting aside rivalries and joining together for the annual parade to celebrate the winter holidays.

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